Sprint Introduces A Harman-Kardon HTC One M8



At an event in New York City today, Sprint and Harman-Kardon have introduced a special edition of the HTC One (M8). It’s essentially the same HTC One (M8) you can go out and buy today, but has something special for audio lovers.

Harman has a special feature called Clari-Fi that “restores” and ‘rebuilds’ music fidelity that was lost during compression”. This means that Sprint and Harman are promising a “richer, deeper and clearer sound quality for compressed digital music”. So you could have higher quality audio from your M8 if you have this edition of the phone. You’re also getting an FM radio and get “Sprint Sound Sessions”, which has some exclusive music included.

The new Harman-Kardon version of the (M8) goes on sale online on May 2nd and will be available in store starting May 2nd for $28.32 a month to be paid for over 2 years. Also in the box you get a $149 pair of Harman earbuds. The device comes with 32 GB of onboard storage and can take up to a 128 GB microSD card.



Sprint is also adding some new features for their Framily plan. For the first six months of being on a Framily plan, you will get a Spotify subscription entirely free. After 6 months if you have five or less lines, you price will remain cut to $7.99. And if you have between six and ten lines, your price will be only $4.99.

If you’re aren’t on a Framily plan, you will get a three month free trial, but will get no discount after your three months are over. And after your 24-month contract is over, all customers with any discount will be placed back onto the $9.99 standard Spotify price.

This is a great discount for anyone who wants to use Spotify and if you pair it with the new Harman-Kardon HTC One (M8) it’s a great deal. You should definitely take advantage of this new offer.

Source: Android Central