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Sony’s Lifelog app now compatible with non-Xperia devices as well

Sony Lifelog

Sony has just updated its Lifelog application on Google Play with a surprise in store for Android users. With this new update, the app is officially compatible with non-Xperia devices as well, meaning that practically any Android device can now run this application. To give you a rough background of the app’s functioning, it basically lets you track all your physical activity and set personal milestones to further improve your health. The app can also tell you how much calories you’ve burnt with the correct data.

Users can also save something known as life bookmarks, which are precious moments (photos, videos, notes) for future reference. So it’s a pretty neat app which you might end up using every day. Users without a Sony device will have to sign in using their Google+ account, so keep that in mind. The app is compatible with the Sony Smartband SWR10, which is the company’s latest fitness tracker. The app is pretty functional even for something which was initially touted as a Sony only offering, which is good from Sony.

Hit the source link below to download the Lifelog app from the Play Store.

Source: Google Play Store

Via: Talk Android

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