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Sony Smartwatch 2 Can Now Be Customized With Latest Update

Sony has just released a software update to the Smartwatch 2 that fixes some of the bugs present and introduces new features. One of the things lacking in most smartwatch models is that users have limited options in customizing the device. Sure there may be apps that you can download but then when you look at the display it still looks the same. The latest update changes this.

What’s probably the most visible feature of the update is that users will now have the ability to customize the watch face. This can be done through the smartwatch or through the smartphone and can be done through a drag and drop feature.   Users can choose among the various watch face templates and simply drag the widgets that they want to display. There are various widgets to choose from which includes date, weather, calendar, Bluetooth, notifications, battery indicator and alarm among others. Since the device is open to third party developers we’re sure that more widget choices will be arriving soon.

Users will also have the ability to assign a wallpaper on the device. There are six wallpapers to choose from and they work independently from the smartphone.

The update also includes a calculator for when you want to make quick calculations. This native app functions independently from your smartphone. This means that you can compute how much grocery is in your cart without taking our smartphone out of your pocket.

The Gmail app has also been improved making synchronization between the Smartwatch 2 and a paired Android smartphone quick and easy. The Facebook app has also been improved to make it more scrollable.

The notification drawer has also been improved which now allows users to scroll through all calendar appointments and mark them from the smartwatch.

Users will also now be able to set the vibration setting for Bluetooth connections. It can now be turned on or off whenever the Bluetooth connection connects or disconnects.

The key features of this update include

  • Watchface Editor – Customize your watchface with clock styles and widgets
  • Widgets available for some native apps by Sony
  • Support for widgets and clocks from Sony and 3rd party developers
  • Support for Active Low Power Mode – app specific
  • Customized offline watchfaces and clock functionality
  • Calculator – Built-in
  • Low light – In watch mode, double tap for 30% light increase
  • Settings – Manage SmartWatch apps in SW2
  • Wallpapers – Pick one to suit your style

The Sony Smartwatch 2 was released last year and is the successor to the company’s original Smartwatch. It sports a 1.6-inch, sunlight-readable display (220 x 176-pixel TFT) and uses an ARM Cortex-M4 processor clocked at 180MHz. The device is water, dust, and scratch-resistant making it ideal for everyday use.

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