Signal Problems with Unlocked Galaxy S4

unlocked galaxy s4

We received a message in The Droid Guy Mailbag that says, “Hi, I have an unlocked Galaxy S4. After I unlocked the phone, it started getting signal problems. It keeps going off and on. Usually, signal goes off for a long time. When it comes it does not stay on for long and goes off again. Please help me. What should I do?—Dan Azer”

Possible Solutions to the Signal Issues of the Unlocked Galaxy S4

There are many factors that may be causing the problem. Among them are cache data-related, corrupted system files, interfering apps, hardware issues, or it may had something to do with the unlocking process.

Here are ways to troubleshoot the signal problems in your unlocked Galaxy S4 if a simple restart or toggling of the Airplane mode fails to solve the issue:

1. Change Your SIM Card

Swap your SIM card with another that runs with the same network that you are using. This is to confirm if the trouble is not just due to a faulty SIM card.

2. Clear the Cached Data

Devices running 4.2 and above have a way of clearing the cached data all at once. To proceed, go to Settings and open the Storage of your Samsung device. Then, just tap the “Cached Data” option to initiate the process. This will also trigger a confirmation message. From there, simply select “OK” to finish the process. After that, restart your device.

Note that this will remove all your auto-login data and reset your configurations in apps.

3. Remove Possible Rogue Apps

Enter Safe Mode through the Recovery Mode. Recovery Mode can be accessed by turning off your unit normally. Next, power it on while continuously pressing the Menu key. Once the phone reboots, you will see the Safe Mode tag on the bottom screen, which means that you have just successfully entered it.

Under this mode, observe if the signal troubles persist. If this somehow stops the problem, then, there might be third-party apps triggering it. Locate the problematic app and uninstall it.

4. Do a Factory Reset

If the above solutions fail, back up all the files of your device. Go to Recovery Mode by turning off your device and by holding the Power, Volume Up and Home buttons until you see the Android logo. From the list of options there, choose Factory Reset and reboot after.

5. Bring the Unit to a Technician

If even a Factory Reset does not provide a successful fix, bring your unit to a technician so it can be checked for possible hardware issues like problems with the antenna, SIM card slot, or other parts. The technician can also check if the trouble was caused by the unlocking process.

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