Screenshots and press images of the OnePlus One leak out

OnePlus One

The OnePlus One is just a couple of days away from an announcement and we’re now getting a brief look at some of the press images of the smartphone¬†accompanied by screenshots of the user interface. This is perhaps the most comprehensive leak we’ve come across so far and reveals practically everything there is to know about the new smartphone. With the inner hardware being revealed to us by the manufacturer already, this new leak gives us a glimpse of how the device looks externally as well.

The software elements reveal deeper settings¬†for the users to change and modify themes as needed with the help of a dedicated Theme Manager. The icons are pretty simple and are well in line with what we’ve seen with CyanogenMod before. With these screenshots it’s clear that CM11S has been deeply optimized for the OnePlus One.

OnePlus One Back

Another report suggests that the OnePlus One looks strikingly similar to the Oppo Find 5, which hit the markets about an year ago. The dimensions are said to be exactly the same, although we’re taking this report with a pinch of salt until OnePlus makes the announcement this Wednesday.

Source: OnePlus

Via: Android Community