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Samsung talks about 10 hidden or unknown features from the Galaxy S5

Galaxy S5 Music App Suggestions

Do you think you know everything about your Samsung Galaxy S5? Think again, as Samsung has compiled a list of 10 features from the smartphone which weren’t openly discussed as most others.

Here’s a list of these 10 features:

  1. Use a pencil as stylus for the display.
  2. Tilt the device while using the music player app to get a list of suggested tracks.
  3. Toolbox allows you to quickly access all your apps with a shortcut on top of the homescreen.
  4. Private mode to hide sensitive data from nosy friends or relatives.
  5. Kids mode with the ability to hide/allow specific apps and features.
  6. Lockscreen camera access, which isn’t actually an unknown feature but Samsung thinks it is.
  7. Virtual Tour and Shot & More features from the stock camera app allowing users more options to play around with the camera.
  8. Ability to set Priority Senders in the messaging app.
  9. Caller information available at any given time, even when on a call with them. This will allow users to get a peek through the contact’s recent activity, including updates on their Google+ profile.
  10. Call Notifications Pop-Ups allows users to use an app even when they have an incoming call. This will show incoming calls as pop-ups on top rather than occupying the whole screen which is particularly useful if you’re midway through a game.

You can get a better idea of all these features and more in Samsung’s dedicated post from the link below.

Source: Samsung Tomorrow

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