Samsung shows off new curved battery for wearables

Samsung Curved Battery

The Samsung Gear Fit smartwatch is known for its curved AMOLED display which has won critical acclaim across the board. But did you ever wonder what the battery inside the smartwatch looked like? Samsung SDI has now revealed this curved lithium-ion battery which can be used for future wearable devices as well.

A curved design means the components inside the device will also have to be adaptable to the shape. Considering that batteries are one of the largest parts used in a mobile device, the availability of a curved battery will greatly aid manufacturers.

The capacity of the battery shown here is 210 mAh, which is sufficient for a device with a small display and relatively lesser tasks to perform compared to a full blown smartphone. LG is also known to be working on flexible or curved batteries with smartphones like the LG G Flex and many more to come in the future.

Samsung is yet to confirm whether it will supply these batteries to third party manufacturers, but we would like to believe so given the large number of wearables we’re going to see in the markets this year.

Source: Korea Herald

Via: Android Community