Samsung Launches Smart Home Service In South Korea And The U.S.

During the CES 2014 event Samsung detailed its plans to link together all of its products in such a way that the consumer can control all of them from just one system. The company calls this as the Smart Home service and it will first roll out in South Korea and the United States.

The Samsung Smart Home platform allows users to easily manage appliances and devices such as TV sets, washing machines, and refrigerators just to name a few from an app as long as they belong to the same Wi-Fi network.

Dr. WonPyo Hong, President and head of the Media Solution Center at Samsung Electronics, said that “We are excited that the launch of Samsung Smart Home makes the connected home a reality today and allows our customers to live a smarter life. Samsung Smart Home lets people live better, worry less and be smarter with their devices and appliances. We also have grand plans to enhance more and more parts of the home experience, especially with a view of expanding it to areas with high growth potential such as home safety and energy management.”

So how does this system work? Samsung said that users can simply say “Good Night” to the TV remote and other connected devices such as light bulbs and appliances will automatically turn off as well.

The companion Samsung Smart Home Android app is now available over at the Google Play store. This needs to be installed in an Android device that will be used to control the other home devices. To get the app users must simply register with their Samsung account. An app designed for the Galaxy Gear 2 that runs on the Tizen platform will also be released soon.

Each country will have its own line-up of home appliances that will work with the Smart Home service. In the United States the products compatible with this service includes the Samsung Smart French Door Refrigerator, the Samsung Smart Front Loading Washing Machine, all 2014 Smart TV models, Samsung Gear 2 and smart phones that have operating systems above Android 4.0. In South Korea the products include the 2014 air conditioner model (Q9000), washer (Bubbleshot 3 W9000), all 2014 Smart TV models, Samsung Gear 2 and smart phones that have operating systems above Android 4.0.

Samsung also announced that the “Good Night” voice recognition, Smart Bulb, and Smart Oven support will be coming in the second half of this year.

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