Samsung Gear Solo Is A Standalone Smartwatch Coming Soon

Samsung may be releasing a new smartwatch in the coming weeks as reported by the Korea Herald. The new wearable device is reportedly going to be called the Samsung Gear Solo and will not require a smartphone to work. It has its own USIM module and is able to make and receive calls as well as connect to the Internet.

The Samsung Gear Solo will first be released by SK Telecom and initially be available in Korea. There is a big possibility though that it will be making its way into the international market.

While nothing is official yet a recently spotted document at the Korean Intellectual Property Office, the state patent office, shows that Samsung has filed a patent for the Gear Solo name.

Sources inside Samsung Electronics say that the Gear Solo name is not final yet and that this may be changed depending on the decision of the company.

A Samsung official has declined to comment on this device saying that they are not authorized to discuss a product that has not been officially revealed yet.

Samsung has several wearable devices including the Gear, Gear Fit, Gear 2, and the Gear 2 Neo. All of the previous models though do not come with its own USIM and depends on a smartwatch to be able to maximize its features. The upcoming Gear Solo smartwatch with its USIM is now able to access a mobile network.

One issue that consumers may face with this upcoming device is that since it will now be able to make and receive calls then its battery life may be drastically reduced. Let’s hope that Samsung has come up with an idea to remedy this.

via korea herald

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