Samsung Galaxy S5 found to be hard to repair in teardown

Samsung Galaxy S5 teardown reveals average repairability

The experts over at iFixit make it a habit to open up every new smartphone that comes along, and now, they’ve turned their attention towards Samsung’s new flagship, the Galaxy S5, which goes on sale next month. The Galaxy S5 received an average score of 5 (out of 10), making it considerably harder to repair than its predecessor, which scored an 8 back in early 2013.

The 5.1-inch Super AMOLED display on the S5 is apparently both a boon and a curse. The display is the first thing that needs to come off before one can access other components, which makes the proceedings faster – on the flip side, removing the display is a complicated task, as Samsung has used an extensive amount of adhesive to hold it together. However, once the display is out of the way, iFixit says the components are arranged in a modular way that makes it easy to swap them out and replace them if needed.

The battery is also said to be “extremely easy to remove and replace,” an unsurprising fact given the removable back cover on basically every Samsung smartphone. But other than that, this is one smartphone that the general consumer shouldn’t be trying to open up at home, though given the handset’s rugged nature, the need to do repairs should hopefully not be arising very often.

Source: iFixit

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