Samsung Galaxy S4 Problems and Ways To Fix Them [Part 10]


Fifteen Samsung Galaxy S4 problems / questions will be addressed in this post so please take time to browse it to find the ones that are related to your concern. If you can’t find any, browse through first 9 parts of this series. Links are provided after the break.

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Problems and Solutions

#1. Google apps process stopped error


I downloaded and installed the latest S4 upgrade and after that I’m having problems with my phone.  Keep getting the following message: “Unfortunately, the process has stopped.”


This is apparently related to Google Apps especially the ones that came pre-installed on the phone. One of the most common workarounds is to go to the Application Manager and look for the Download Manager; disable it, reboot the phone and enable it back.

Another way to address this error especially when the first workaround didn’t work is to uninstall Google Play Services. Yes, you still need to go to Application Manager and look for the service there. Uninstall it, then reboot your phone. Once the phone is up and ready, connect to a WiFi network and open Google Play Store. You will be prompted to install Play Services, which you are obliged to do otherwise you won’t be able to use the Play Store. Try these two procedures first and if they didn’t work, email us back and make this post as a reference so you don’t have to repeat explaining your problem.

#2. Game data are left in GS4 internal storage


Hey, I read your article about moving apps in galaxy s4 to SD card.. I have some big games installed like FIFA 14 and NFS Most Wanted.. By going though as advised by you the application manager shows the games are moved to SD card but still the main data file which is about 3.5 GB is in the phone memory ( I checked though My Files application). Can you please suggest a solution.Ayush


While majority of apps in the Play Store now can be moved to the external storage, there are just a few whose data will remain on the phone’s internal memory, in your case it’s FIFA 14 and NFS:MW. As a sort of personal observations, I think game apps that require constant connection to their respective servers will have to save data on the phone’s internal memory for some reason, while those that can be played offline (or completely without internet connection) can be moved to the external storage without problems. I will have to dig more information on this and will email you once I found some that would answer your questions.

#3. Galaxy S4 NFC doesn’t work anymore Problem

Hi guys! I have used Samsung S charger, a wireless charger for Galaxy S4. And my NFC function absolutely cancelled after I used the new cover provided. Now I can not use mobile ticket to pay for city transport. Also all my tags become useless in that situation.George


Try to remove the new cover bringing back the original one, and then test your NFC to see if that works. If it does, which I believe would, then the new cover is the problem. You can actually have it replaced. In case you were using a different battery, too, please use the original or an OEM replacement. Third-party batteries often mess with your NFC especially those that aren’t NFC-capable.

#4. Software update error on Galaxy S4


My Galaxy S4 keeps giving a error message whenever it wants to do a Software Update, but it does not tell me what the error is. Any advice please! Thanks, Darvin.


Well, it’s difficult to address and error that doesn’t tell you much info. In this case, I don’t know if you were talking about a firmware update (new Android version) or an app update. If it were about a firmware update, please use Samsung KIES. If there are error messages, at least, KIES would be able to tell you what they are.

In case you’re trying to update an app from the Play Store it’s giving you an error, please stop. Uninstall the app instead and just download and re-install it. Fro paid apps, you can actually restore your purchases so I don’t see it as a problem.

#5. Galaxy S4 reboots when camera is opened


Hi guys,

After reading your article regarding the Top 4 Samsung Galaxy S4 Camera Problems I was very surprised to see that you did not include the issue of the device rebooting when you open the camera app.

This happens to me probably about 75% of the time – I open the camera app and the camera view port stays black, and after about 3 seconds the device just reboots. Once it has finished booting I can normally go into the camera app again without any problems, but when I try and use the camera again an hour later, the same problem occurs.

I have done quite a bit of searching to try and find a solution to the problem, and have come across literally hundreds of posters asking for help, but to-date I have not yet come across a solution. Sadly “rebooting the device” is not a solution in my opinion.

This issue makes it almost impossible to capture most of those moments you want to, as they are almost always spur of the moment, and by the time the device has finished rebooting the opportunity has been missed…

Anyway thanks for the interesting article 🙂




I understand how important it is to have a phone with a decent camera to capture moments that you know won’t happen again. For me, there are three possible causes of this problem: third-party apps, pre-installed apps and hardware.

You said it happens to you 75% of the time, so it is apparent the frequency is high. That said, please try to boot  your phone to Safe Mode and try opening the Camera app to see if it still reboots. Having 75% frequency means the problem happens 3 times out of 4 when you launch the camera app. So, right there and then you will know if the problem still exists even in Safe Mode. If it doesn’t, please try to look for third-party apps that use the services of the camera like bar code readers, QR scanners, third-party gallery apps, photo editor, etc. and disable them. That might just take care of the problem.

If it still happens even in safe mode, there’s no other option but to backup all your data and perform factory reset. Why? Because there’s a possibility that a pre-installed app is causing the problem. When in Safe Mode all third-party apps and services are disabled.

After the factory reset and the problem still exists, it’s time you had the phone checked by an authorized Samsung technician. Or, you can bring it to the store where you bought it and have it checked.

#6. GS4 camera making mechanical sounds


My rear camera on my Samsung Galaxy S4 (GT-I9500) is making a mechanical sound when it is trying to focus and it takes several seconds to actually focus on the subject. It just started out of nowhere and was previously working like a charm.  Has anyone else encountered this issue? Is it something that can be fixed by a factory reset(I know it’s probably doubtful)? If I have to bring it to Samsung, will it be covered by my warranty? My device is rooted and I’m still running 4.2.2, will I need to unroot my device before bringing it into Samsung? I hope there’s a way to fix this because besides my camera issue, my device works like a dream. Thanks in advance for any help or advice you might be able to throw in my direction! Cheers, Sean.


I’m pretty sure you have snapped photos using digital cameras. If you’ve noticed, the lens adjusts whenever you zoom in or out. It’s the same as with the camera sensor on your phone, although it’s much smaller. I haven’t actually tried disassembling a camera sensor so I’m not familiar with the mechanism. But even if I did, I could probably suggest you disassemble the sensor because you will end up damaging it the more. Instead, I would suggest you bring the phone to an authorized Samsung service center and have it checked. If the sensor was damaged, the entire camera module will be replaced.

#7. Galaxy S4 screen flickers at the bottom


Hi. My Galaxy S4 has developed a flicker at the bottom of the screen (portrait). It seems to have started around the same time as the unwanted/unnecessary appearance of a pop-up, auto-hide home/menu/back button. I’ve looked in settings for the phone and also Nova but haven’t managed to find anything that helps. I’m wondering if the menu bar came with one of the hundreds of apps I installed so enthusiastically. My phone is unrooted and running Nova, although this persistent menu bar is still there when I’ve tried other launchers to solve this. Thanks, in advance, for any suggestions.Simon


There’s one way to find out if the flicker is caused by some third-party apps or services–boot the phone to Safe Mode. As you may have already known, booting to safe mode will disable all third-parties installed on your phone so if the flicker is gone when you’ve already done so, you need to uninstall the apps you suspected of causing the problem.

If, however, the screen still flickers even when the phone is running in Safe Mode, then there are two possibilities. It’s either pre-installed apps and services are causing the problem or it’s some kind of a hardware issue (specifically display panel issue). To rule out the former from the scene, I advise you to backup all your important data and perform factory reset. This will bring back the phone to its default settings as well as reset all apps, services and the system itself. If the problem continues, then it’s a hardware problem and you need to have the phone checked.

#8. Phone stuck after flashing custom ROM


Hi there, I having problem with Galaxy S4. I just rooted my phone and tried to install custom rom and now my phone stuck on Samsung logo. Here are the steps how I installed the custom rom.

I have Flashed after I wiped data/factory, cache/partition, dalvik/cache, format cache/system/data.

How can I get my phone back to live. Thanks in advance. Regards, Edward.


It could have been helpful if you told me the custom ROM you installed. I see you already did a lot of things before you flashed the ROM but it seems you have done a thing after the installation or after this problem occurred. So, try wiping the cache partition again and perform factory reset via the Recovery Mode. If these don’t help, flash the original stock firmware using ODIN. That always does the trick.

#9. Delay in launching stock camera on GS4


Hi. I had face this problem since I bought SGS4. The delay opening stock camera is about 3-4 second. And I figure it out only S4 face this problem while other android device can open camera in less than 1 second. Furthermore, using Instagram to capture pic on sgs4 is terrible lag and slow shutter speed. It make my pic look blur all the times. Really hope you guys can find a solution for this issue.


Please try to boot to Safe Mode and launch the camera app. It seems you have you own way of timing how long the app would open so do that. If it still takes 3 to 4 seconds to launch, it’s the Camera app issue. The best thing you could do is clear Camera’s cache and data and if this doesn’t solve the problem, perform factory reset.

However, if the camera app launches fast when in Safe mode, it means a third-party app is causing the problem. Try to find that app, start with apps that use the camera, and uninstall it.

#10. Galaxy S4 won’t turn on


Hi, I’d bought a Samsung Galaxy S4 (i9500) back in May. It’s started showing some problems only recently. One day, it just randomly shut itself off and didn’t turn back on. I thought it was a battery issue and so put in my spare battery. It worked for a few days but then the same problem started again. I tried plugging it in and then switching it on yesterday and that made it work again. But today morning it just randomly switch off again. Is there a way to fix this problem without having to go to the store? Thanks, Trishila.


Based on your statement, I guess the problem is with your charger. You said that you “tried plugging it in and then switching it on yesterday and that made it work again.” This was the instance when there was a good connection between your phone and your charger so the battery was charged. So, I would stick with what I believe caused this problem, the charger. If it wasn’t the charger, then there should be a breakage in the cable.

Try plugging in the USB cable to your computer and plug the other end to your phone. Try to see if the phone charges. If it does, the cable is safe, so it’s the charger. You should buy a new one. Even if the phone doesn’t when plugged in to the computer, you still have to buy a new charger as it comes with a cable.

#11. Listen to offline FM radio stations


I need an offline radio on my S4 I used to have radio on my S2. Please help. Thank you.


It’s not possible and even Samsung cannot help you now because the company intentionally left the old FM radio out of its 2013 flagship. According to Samsung “flagship model of our products are focused on customers who use digital content, which use modern formats and channels of information consumption.” So, with Galaxy S4, you need to have internet connection to listen to FM radio stations that broadcast digitally.

#12. Phone crashes after KitKat update


After downloading the kit kat update…

1. My phone crashes

2. My screen won’t unlock or even light up at times

3. Internet crashes

I don’t understand this is the worse update ever how do I get it off?Nicola


I really don’t know what happened during the installation of the update but please backup all your data and perform factory reset. Don’t worry, the update will remain in your phone and the problem may be fixed.

#13. Camera doesn’t focus


Ok. So I have tried contacting Samsung and haven’t had any luck. Maybe you can help me out. So about a week ago my camera started acting up. I have a galaxy s4. Front facing camera works fine. The back one doesn’t focus, even when I tap the screen. Sometimes when I try to focus or take a picture the camera will freeze and the soft keys wont work. So I have to hit the home button to exit. I tried clearing cache, no filters are on, no water or physical damage, reset camera, tried third party camera app, took out battery, soft reset, tried to clear cache partition and an error occurred. Not sure why. Thanks for the help.


I know you’ve already done a lot of things to solve this problem to no avail but please try booting the phone to Safe Mode just to disable all third-party apps and services. While running the phone in that mode, launch the stock Camera app and do things you think you can’t do when in normal mode. If you can do them just fine, then backup all your data and perform factory reset to bring the phone back to its original settings minus the third-party apps. If the problem still happens, however, it’s time you have it checked by a technician because it’s a hardware issue.

#14. MicroSD card automatically unmounts


Hello I was wondering if you would be able to assist me with an issue I’ve been having. I just read your report on the SD card reader issue and that’s exactly what my issue is. This is my 2nd S4 with the same issue, all of a sudden while not even touching the phone my SD card unmount itself and will not read in the phone until after I reformat it in my computer. I’ve lost tons of movies and photos because of it. I’ve tried 3 different SD cards thinking maybe one was corrupt. Please help if you can.


Since you have 3 SD cards, try to format one using your computer with FAT32 format; it is the format that mobile phones won’t have problem reading from. I believe it’s not coincidence that you have used two different S4s with the same problem. I think it’s the SD cards that have problem, not the phone but I may be wrong.

#15. Galaxy S4 can’t boot problem or restarts


Hi, I have a really big problem. My Galaxy S4 was working find since the day I bought it until about a couple of days ago. It often won’t boot past the boot screen but if it did, it would restart before I could even tap anything on the screen. I took it to AT&T and they though it was a battery problem, it wasn’t. They said the phone should have been dropped, I am 100% sure it wasn’t dropped. So, apparently, the company’s technician don’t know how to fix it. I was scouring the web for suggestions and solutions but I haven’t found any. Please help me with this.Gray


It’s a bummer to just wake up one morning with your phone acting up. So, I don’t really know what happened before this problem but I would assume it’s a microSD card issue. I have fixed a lot of reboot problems already and the most common culprits were the low-class microSD card. Try removing your microSD card and boot the phone up, that should do it but you may lose your data.

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