Samsung Galaxy S3 Problems and Solutions (20 Issues) [Part 12]

This is apparently the twelfth part of our Samsung Galaxy S3 Problems and Solutions series where we answer questions sent to us by our readers. In this post, I will address twenty issues so, if you have problems with your Galaxy S3, make sure to browse this post to see if I already addressed some of them. Also, please browse through the first eleven parts of the series:

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If you think your problem wasn’t included in the list, send us an email and tell us about your it via You may also post your concerns on our Facebook wall but please note that I may ask probing questions for me to know what the problem really is. So, please, don’t get offended if I asked a few questions. For those who prefer to use Google’s social media, we also have our Google+ page.

#1. Missed calls log and glitch

Problems: I have a Galaxy S3. I’m having a problem with my missed calls in my call log, they are simply not showing up. Also I have some sort of glitch in my phone where if I go into a certain app it jumps to my lock screen photo then to the app I choose. Please help.

Solutions: I don’t know how many missed calls can be logged in a Galaxy S3 but if you already have a bunch of missed calls, try to delete some to make some space for new missed calls. Also, try to check if recent missed calls weren’t saved in the end of the list.

It could be just an app issue. Try booting the phone to Safe Mode and open the app that seems to trigger the problem to see if it still happens. If it does, you may consider factory reset, otherwise, find the app that may be causing the issue and uninstall it.

#2. Auto-rotation stopped after the update

Problem: My Samsung Galaxy S3 just received an update and it was successful and the phone is working fine. The problem is the auto-rotation has stopped. I meant, it doesn’t auto-rotate anymore. How can I fix this?

Solution: Of course, try to check the auto-rotation setting to see if it is enabled, if not, then enable it. If all settings are set correctly and the problem still happens, then try wiping the cache partition via the Recovery Mode.

#3. Cannot receive messages via AT&T Message app

Problem: Ever since I downloaded the update on my Galaxy S III I cannot get any messages on my ATT messages. Some of my messages will still come on my old messaging app. What could be wrong? My husband downloaded the same thing and he doesn’t have any problems.

Solution: I’m not familiar with AT&T messaging app but based on your statement, you can still receive messages through the stock messaging app. So, basically, the phone can send/receive messages but AT&T’s app is acting up. Please call the company and inquire about this problem, they may have better answers than I am.

#4. Disabling Talkback feature

Problem: Hi, I’m quite annoyed with the voice of the woman that reads everything on my screen. How can I get rid of the voice? Sorry, I’m not familiar with my phone yet, it’s just been given to me by my son.

Solution: You cannot get rid of the Talkback feature completely but you can surely disable it. Here’s how:

  1. From the Home screen, double tap the Apps icon.
  2. Double tap Settings.
  3. Swipe down using two fingers to Accessibility and then double tap it.
  4. Double tap Talkback.
  5. Using two fingers, slide the switch to the left and tap OK.

#5. Looping Wi-Fi connection

Problem: My WiFi connection goes in a loop “connecting,” “saving” and then “dropping.” And whole procedure starts over and over. I have cleared RAM, forgot connection, shut down, etc… removed battery and nothing works. From what I have read on the internet this is a common problem for Android smart phones. Samsung has not stepped up with a solution.

Solution: Okay, so you’ve done a lot of things on your phone to attempt to fix this issue. But have you done something on your network equipment? This is, of course, if you own the router or the network. I’ve already encountered this problem using both the S3 and iPhone 5 so it is not an Android-specific problem.

First, reboot your network equipment, then make sure every setting in your phone was correctly set. But I have a feeling that it is more on the network side.

#6. Screen goes blank when making a selection

Problem: Sometimes when I am on the phone and need to make a selection of sorts I will go to touch my screen and it goes blank and I attempt to do it again and it does this about three times before it stays on for me to make my selection. This is aggravating especially if I call the bank and you only have so long before it defaults to something else, please advise.

Solution: I was hoping you would go into more details like the app you’re using when you were trying to make a selection. But based on your message, I think it’s a simple glitch on the app you use. The best way to remedy this problem is to clear cache and data by going to the Application Manager and finding that app among the list.

#7. Phone overheats

Problem: Hey, I am using Samsung Galaxy S3 and I am facing the problem of over heating my mobile. When I play a game my mobile starts heating. So, please tell me what can I do know?

Solution: Some games, especially the ones that require higher graphics processing normally heats up your phone but not to the point that you’ll feel uncomfortable gaming. Perhaps there are some apps running in the background. Also, try to set your screen to a lower level. I was actually waiting for you to say how many hours you play before you notice the device is heating up abnormally.

#8. Swipe screenshot not functioning

Problem: Hey guys, it’s been almost a year since I have my S3 international version and I’m experiencing problems with my swipe function for screenshots. It is turned on but doesn’t work or stopped working. I had to download another screenshot app to make my screen shots but wonder what could cause this problem. Is this problem common and do you have any suggestions? Many thanks.

Solution: It’s not a common problem but there were actually a lot of users having problems with the swipe functioning in capturing screenshots. But just in case you don’t know yet, the other way to take a screenshot is to hold the Power key and the Home button at the same time. Please try clearing the cache partition via the Recovery Mode to see if that helps. You may also consider performing factory reset.

#9. Mobile data not working

Problem: My wife and I bought 2 new Galaxy S3 back in February. It was her first smart phone. She never realized until after our warranty expired that her device’s mobile data wasn’t connecting to the Internet functions unless she was connected to WiFi. I have tried almost everything except a factory reset in an attempt to correct this problem. Out of WiFi range and the phone won’t do anything but calling or texting. Any suggestions?

Solution: I don’t know what your service provider is but I think the problem is not with the phone, it’s with the APN settings the phone is using. You should call your service provider or carrier and ask for the correct APN settings. And while on the line, have the rep walk you through in setting it up, that way you could continue troubleshooting in case there are other problems.

#10. Screen won’t respond

Problem: Please help me guys! I bought an used Samsung Galaxy S3 in brazil ( i live here btw ) so, after a couple of days that i used the phone it started crashing. It’s like that: I start to use an app ( it’s not a specific one) and after a while the touchscreen stops working! The game ,for example, continues to run perfectly, but the touchscreen just stops! Even the buttons near the Home button. The only thing I can do is press the “real buttons”, such as volume, power and home button, so what I do is simply lock and unlock the phone. Then the touchscreen works well again. I really don’t know what and how to do guys. Please help me!

Solution: Try booting the phone to Safe Mode to see if the problem persists even with all third-party apps disabled. If so, the problem is with the digitizer of the display; it’s a component that makes touchscreen possible. You need to have it checked thoroughly because may be it’s just a lose connection.

If, however, the screen functions well when in Safe Mode, then it’s a third-party app that’s causing it. Try to find that app and uninstall it.

#11. Phone won’t turn on

Problem: Hi, I am hoping you can assist me. My Samsung S3 ran out of Battery and needed to be charged, I put it on charger for the whole night, but its still does not switch on. Please help me on what to do.

Solution: Try removing the battery out of the phone and at the same time press and hold the Power button for a minute. This will discharged stored electricity in capacitors. After a minute, place the battery back and attempt to turn the phone. If it won’t turn on, try to charge the phone again. If you can’t see the charging indicator, use a different charger. It is also possible that it is a battery problem.

#12. Wi-Fi authentication error

Problem: Dear sir, I am using Samsung galaxy s3. Really I was working very well but recently I am facing trouble. When I am going to connect any wi-fi network. This its showing authentication error and incorrect password. Please help me to fix it.

Solution: There are different factors why this problem happens. It could be a network issue, which may be unreachable; it could be credential issues (i.e. incorrect password); or it could be the phone that has issues. I already published a post addressing this issue.

Read: How To Fix Galaxy S3 WiFi Authentication Error

#13. Can’t turn on Wi-Fi

Problem: Hi, my Samsung Galaxy S3 can’t turn on the Wi-Fi. It will show only (turning on……) but the switch change back to off. I need help. Kindly assist me. Thanks.

Solution: Please try to wipe the cache partition via the Recovery Mode and then boot normally. If that doesn’t help, backup your data and perform factory reset. It’s a problem with the ROM that handles information on Wi-Fi radio.

#14. Phone automatically reboots

Problem: Hi The Droid Guy, I have the second problem in this following webpage:

My phone automatically reboots every 5 seconds. I followed all the instructions but when I go to safe mode wanting to uninstall the app that was giving me problems, my Galaxy S3 phone automatically reboots again. Please help!

Solution: I think your battery has the problem. Do you have a spare battery you can try? If so, please do that and see if the problem can be fixed. Otherwise, backup your data and perform factory reset.

#15. Phone overheats with minimal usage

Problem: Hello there, I’ve had my phone for a year now and recently noticed it overheating so much that I’m afraid it will start a fire. It so hot that I’ve had to remove the back cover and battery and allow it to cool down for more than 30 minutes. I do not play games on this device. Simply emails, text and internet browsing. I’ve done several factory resets, battery pull and removing unused applications. Is there anything else that I should be doing to reduce the overheating of my device? Thanks for your help.

Solution: In the first place, a smartphone should not heat up to the point of causing inconvenience to users. You already did the basic troubleshooting so there’s no point in voiding your warranty just to fix problems with the phone. Have your service provider replace it or use your warranty.

#16. Motherboard swap inquiry

Question: Hi, I’ve been scouring the web trying to find out if its okay to just swap your motherboard into a whole new body screen and all for a Galaxy S3 Verizon i1535. Located a brand new phone that someone bricked while trying to root, and mine has a cracked digitizer plus the shell is rather beat up. I figure I can take my motherboard and put the other phone and have all knew everything. But what I read is conflicting. Can you possibly clear it up to confirm before I go ahead and disassemble? Technically I am quite capable so I’m not worried about my abilities. Your video makes it very clear that it just swapping the motherboard is quite easy I’m just afraid that when I go to power it on I might ruin my mother board and end up with two dead phones. Thanks.

Problem: No, we didn’t make a video on how to swap motherboards between two Samsung Galaxy S3s. I, myself, have already tried swapping motherboards just for the sake of salvaging data from a defective phone. But those phone have exactly the same model and that is one of the most important things you must consider. But since you simply want to swap the digitizers and perhaps the chassis, I can no problem with that. Digitizers can be replaced anytime but please proceed at your own risk. I hope you understand that we are not urging you to do so because it also involves risk.

#17. Problem connecting to office Wi-Fi

Problem: I have a new S3 and I have a problem connecting to the open Wi-Fi source at my office. But my phone connects just fine with the secured networks back at my friends place and my place. When in office I try to connect it shows connecting initially and then it tries for obtaining IP address, and it keeps on with a final attention message being displayed as Network disabled, in the same open network all other phones of my colleagues, along with my blackberry connects just fine. What has Mac address 5c:F8:A1:**:**:** got to do with this? Thanking you in advance for your valued response.

Solution: The MAC address is an identifier unique to your device and it is necessary to connect to any network. Any internet-capable devices have MAC addresses. It seems that the problem you mentioned here is not a specific issue with the phone but with the network. There are different types of networks and not all of them are supported by the Galaxy S3. For example, many Android devices and even iOS devices can detect and connect to an Ad Hoc connection, but Samsung devices can’t. Either it can’t detect the network or it would enter a loop of detecting, connecting, obtaining IP address and disconnecting. If you can connect to other networks, that means there’s no problem with your phone.

#18. Phone asks for Wi-Fi credentials every time

Problem: Hi, Last week, I discovered I could not connect to the internet using my samsung s3 via wifi. I did not change any of the password or settings. My laptop can still connect to the internet via my wifi settings. Each time I press connect on my phone, it ask for the password.

Although I’d entered the correct password and the SSID is correct, the phone still does not connect to the internet. I restarted the phone, but it doesn’t work. The only thing I have not try is to bring the phone back to factory settings. Please advice. Thanks.

Solution: There are times when your computer can connect to your network just fine while your phone is having hiccups. Laptops have a more stable radio reception due to the fact that their components aren’t as compressed as mobile phones. So, basically, we cannot compare the two devices, we can only test if the network is still transmitting like it used to. It is actually easy to blame the phone problem but be open-minded, at least, troubleshoot your phone as well as your network equipment. Simple reboot of the router can really make a difference.

#19. Rooting question

Question: Morning sir, one question; I have rooted my S3 but would like to reverse it back to its original, is it possible? Kind regards.

Answer: Yes, it is very possible. Basically, rooting doesn’t do something on your phone; it just opens the device for even possibilities. If, however, you install a custom ROM, that’s the time you need to “roll back” to the stock firmware. In case you want to claim your warranty, you need to flash or install the stock firmware using the flashing tool known as ODIN, and then you need to unroot your phone. There are effective ways to unroot the phone without running into some problems. You can google it and there are thousands of blogs writing about it.

#20. MicroSD card removed

Problem: Hi, I had a question around an error that I have been receiving on my Galaxy S3. It says “SD card removed. Please enter SD card”. I have not removed the SD card though. I did not even have one in there unless the factory has one in there. Thoughts?

Solution: It is a sign that your microSD card is almost or already damaged, hence, the expected unmounting. Try to reboot your phone when this happens. If it can detect the card, backup all your data because you wouldn’t know when it would give up. However, if the phone cannot read from it anymore, you may want to insert it to your laptop. You would either be prompted to open it or format it depending on its status. If you decide to re-format it, remember to use FAT32 format.

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