Samsung Galaxy S3 Problems and How To Fix Them [Part 11]

It’s time for yet another installment of our Samsung Galaxy S3 Problems and Solutions. There are ten problems addressed in this post so please take time to browse through it to see if we’ve already answered your concerns. You may also want to browse through the first 8 parts of this series as I’ve already answered more than a hundred problems.

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#1. Stuck at ‘Installing applications’ screen


Hi! I’m having problems with the latest software update I’m really hoping you can help me with this! I’m gonna try to explain my problem.

First off I have an Galaxy S3, I started the software update and it looked like everything was working, I got a popup that the update was successful but then the phone got stuck at the “Installing applications…” screen. It’s been stuck for about 2.5 hours now.

I also get a popup that says “Unfortunately, the process android.process.acore has stopped” and “Unfortunately, Package Access Helper has stopped”

I’ve also gotten a few other “this process or app has stopped” popups but didn’t write them all down.

I saw the top menu but couldn’t pull it down so I clicked around a bit and noticed that I could bring S Voice up and when I did I got to type in my pin code. After that I could use the top menu and open the apps that were in notifications. I can also open settings.

So what I can’t do is reach my home screen, when I click the home button I’m back at the “Installing applications…” screen.

I’ve done some Googling but couldn’t find anyone with my exact problem but found similar ones so what I’ve already tried is, restart phone and start in recovery mode and clear cache. But when I restart phone again I’m stuck at “Installing applications…” screen again and have to open S Voice to access some of the phone. Again hope you can help with this and thank you!



Apparently, the phone is stuck while restoring apps you may have previously installed before the update. Just last week, one owner was having this exact same problem. No, reboot didn’t help and wiping the cache partition didn’t fix the problem either. So we tried performing factory reset, which eventually fixed it but the compromise was all his data were lost.

In your case, it seems like the only thing left for you to do is factory reset. However, before you actually do that, try booting the phone to safe mode if you haven’t already done so. If you can successfully boot to safe mode, there is a tendency a third-party app may have gone rogue after the update preventing the phone from optimizing installed apps successfully. If that won’t help, then proceed with factory reset.

#2. No SIM card error


Hi dear, from yesterday I am facing problem of NO SIM CARD in my Samsung Galaxy S3. I rest it but still same problem…please help. Thanks.


Please make sure the SIM was properly set or inserted into the slot and if possible, try to clean its receptors first just to make sure it isn’t corrosion that’s causing the problem. If you think everything is in place in your phone and yet the error message ‘No SIM Card’ still shows up, call your service provider. I would, however, assume that you’re using the SIM card that came with the phone because in the U.S., SIM cards aren’t transferable.

#3. FM Radio gone on Galaxy S3


Dear sir, I am using this model T-999 Samsung Galaxy S3 and the Andriod Version is 4.3.

I feel comfortable with this T-Mobile product but I couldn’t find the FM Radio Application in my phone which is a need in fact. I would appreciate a lot if found any solution for this.


Some variants of the Samsung Galaxy S3 especially the ones with Qualcomm chip don’t have a built-in Radio tuner. You could go and check if your phone has a radio tuner but doesn’t have an app by going to Settings > Application Manager > All > find Radio. If there’s a radio then you can try and add a 4×1 widget and you can play it from there, otherwise, there’s nothing we can do about that but stream using the internet.

#4. Auto connect to Wi-Fi


Before the update my Samsung Galaxy S3 would automatically join known wi-fi networks. Now I have to manually switch from mobile data usage to wi-fi. I’m using much more of my data as a result of this problem. Really considering switching back to iPhone once my upgrade is available. How can I avoid this hassle? — Marlene


There’s a setting for the Wi-Fi to automatically re-connect to available known networks:

  1. From the Home screen, tap the Menu key.
  2. Tap Settings, then Connections tab.
  3. If necessary turn the WiFi on first, then tap WiFi.
  4. Tap the Menu key, then choose Advanced.
  5. Check the box beside ‘Auto network switch.’

#5. Correct way to charge the phone


Hi Folks, my Samsung Mini S3 charges really slow when “on” but when I turn it off it goes much quicker. Is it bad to charge it while on? Is doing so while off the correct way?? I don’t want to do the wrong thing and cause damage to my phone. Looking forward to your answer. Thanks so much! — Shelly


Both are actually the right way to charge the phone and you cannot damage the by charging when the phone is on or off. The thing is, it is always way quicker to charge the phone, especially a high-end device, when it’s off because there isn’t a single software or hardware that runs.

You may charge the phone while it’s on and still receive messages and calls or charge it when its off to make charging twice as fast. Your choice.

#6. Download complete notification coming back


After I upgraded to the Android 4.3 on my Galaxy S3, I have an icon in the notification bar. I drop down the notification tab to see what it is and it says “rr1.jpg download complete”. When I click on it, it brings up a little message that says, “Unable to find item” then that little icon in the notification bar is gone. A few moments later the icon is back and it says the same things “rr1.jpg download complete”. When you use the clear function after you drop down the notification menu, a few moments later the icon comes back. How do I fix this problem?


It’s a minor glitch in one of the pre-installed apps. Clearing the cache and data of that app will fix this issue. Try this:

  1. Go back to the Home screen.
  2. Tap the Menu key. (The key on the left side of the Home button.)
  3. Choose Settings.
  4. Tap on the More tab.
  5. Find and tap Application Manager.
  6. Swipe the screen going to the left until contents of the All tab are displayed.
  7. Scroll to and tap Download Manager (if you can’t find it, look for Downloads instead).
  8. Tap the Clear Cache button.
  9. Tap the Clear Data button, and then OK.
  10. You may reboot your phone to refresh its memory.

#7. Galaxy S3 microSD card issue


Hello, in the past week I keep getting messages that my SD card was removed; however, I didn’t remove the SD card. In addition, many of my pictures disappear and they have not been uploaded to the “Cloud” as I suspected. I’ve ordered a new SD card since my first thought was that the SD card was failing, but I also wonder if there is something wrong with the phone? What do you think?


It would take more than just a failing microSD card to know if the phone has a problem. Like you, I would think that the microSD card is failing but based on your message, I can’t actually say if the phone has some issues. I often ask probing questions to know what happened to the phone and to properly diagnose the problem. Phone problems aren’t really that complicated, the problem is the communication between the owner and the technician that is why we often perform factory reset once we, technicians, got the phone in our hands especially when the owner failed to provide info we needed.

#8. Phone won’t boot up after charging


Hello, I’m really at a lost cause with my phone ! I charge my phone every night and last night I didn’t so when I woke up this morning it was obviously dead, I just grabbed my charger and stuck it on charge but nothing happened the screen was black and a grey battery appeared I just assumed it was really dead and would take time to charge so I left it about 20 minutes and the same thing the grey battery was still there I tried turning the phone on but I get no response I’ve been googling all suggestions all morning but nothings helping me out ! I tried a recovery mode ? I get the Samsung logo appearing but it just flashes at me and then disappears, I would be really grateful if you could help me out, many thanks. Jodie


This kind of problem could range from a simple software glitch to charger and battery problem to USB port issue. Try removing the battery for a minute, then press and hold the power button for 30 seconds (without the battery). Place the battery back and see if it turns on.

If you have a different charger, try using that. Of, if you have a laptop or a computer, plug the USB cable to it to see if the phone would charge. In case you don’t want to buy a new battery and if you know someone who has Galaxy S3, try to borrow the battery and try it on your phone. This is to rule out the possibility of a busted battery.

If it’s not the charger, not the battery and not the firmware, it could be the USB port. You may want to have the phone checked by an authorized Samsung technician.

#9. Phone keeps changing the password


Galaxy S3 on Verizon, it keeps changing my email (hotmail) password. I go in a reset the password several times a day just to keep it working.


I don’t think an app can change your account password because it could only login using the credentials your provide and syncing your data is the best it could do. I understand you’ve already changed your password several times but I think the password the email app uses hasn’t been updated that’s why it cannot automatically login to your account.

To solve this problem, you only need to clear the cache and data of the email app you’re using, and then re-setup your account and that’s it!

#10. Can’t make or receive calls


Hi, I have a galaxy S3 and it has worked fine until last night. I can receive text but not send.   I cannot make or receive calls either. I have reset the phone, switched it off and reactivated my old phone. The old phone works just fine. When I reactivated the S3 it still will not work. I use the boost service and am not sure what to do.


For this kind of problem, I think it’s a provisioning issue and with that said, you need to call your service provider. I’m pretty sure it’s not entirely the fault of the phone, the network could also be responsible for this problem. So, call your service provider and tell them about what really happened. There’s no point is troubleshooting when there is a tendency it’s a network problem.

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