Samsung Galaxy S3 Mini Alarm Clock Won’t Go Off

galaxy s3 mini alarm clock

A message was recently sent to us via The Droid Guy Mailbag that reads, “Hi, I have a Galaxy S3 Mini, which has an Intermittent clock alarm fault. One day it rings as it should and on another it gives a one note ring then closes down. Any ideas would be gratefully accepted. Regards.—Phil”

Possible Causes of the Galaxy S3 Mini Alarm Clock Issue

There are factors that may likely be triggering the alarm problem in your phone. These may be third-party clock or alarm apps, minor glitches in your app, or corrupted system files in your phone.

Ways to Solve the Samsung Galaxy S3 Mini Alarm Clock Problem

Here are ways to fix the Galaxy S3 Mini alarm clock issue:

1. Reenter the Alarm Time

Go to your clock app. Delete your previously set alarm time and set a new one.

2. Restart the Device

Restart the device after setting a new alarm time to refresh its system.

3. Clear Cache

Access the Application Manager of your phone. Look for the Clock app. Tap the Clear Cache virtual button. Check if this solves  the alarm issue of the phone. If not, proceed to the next step.

4. Clear Data

Repeat the same steps above, but hit the Clear Data button this time.

5. Uninstall Third-Party Clock Apps

Other third-party clock or alarm apps might be interfering with the normal function of your phone’s own clock. So, try uninstalling them and observe if the problem still occurs.

6. Perform a Factory Reset

Back up all the data stored in your phone and turn it off normally. Then, enter the Recovery Mode by pressing the Power, Volume Up and Home keys altogether. Hold on to the said keys until an Android logo appears. From there, select Factory Reset. Lastly, reboot your phone normally.

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  1. Solution: Uninstall updates for the Google Search app. I discovered that this fixed the issue when I was trying to resolve an issue with the Task Manager crashing with the latest Google Search app updates.

  2. Fuck Android.. this was the last straw for me. I just want to turn a phone on and use it. Im busy and dont give a shit about software or how to manipulate it or mess about with it. Android is for nerds and geeks who love 3rd party apps and all that bullshit.. I just want t simple phone that gives me what I want.

    Im going back to apple.

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