Samsung Galaxy Note 3 Problems and Solutions [Part 9]


After nine episodes of our Galaxy Note 3 Problems and Solutions, we surely have covered at least a hundred Note 3 issues reported by owners but there are still hundreds of emails to be answered. So, you can expect to read more support articles from us for the Galaxy Note 3.

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#1. Galaxy Note 3 master sync disabled


I hope you can help me. I have a Samsung Galaxy Note 3 and it had a software update 2 days ago. Since then I cannot get emails on my phone. It keeps on saying master sync is disabled, and I have tried everything to start the sync process, however, no success in getting my emails. Thanks, Dr. Singh.


Please go to Settings > General tab > Accounts > open email or ActiveSync. Under Accounts click the one you’re having problem with and make sure the Sync Email checkbox is ticked. For this kind of problem, this procedure is the most common solution. I hope it helps.

#2. Battery and Wifi problems with Note 3


Hi my name is Sam. I have my Galaxy Note 3 for almost a month now and I’ve already updated to KitKat version. Got two questions:

  1. The battery life is bad. I got a Note 2 before and it was way better and I feel like I downgraded.
  2. The WiFi keeps automatically turn on even when I turn it off!

Thanks for your help. Best regards, Sam.


The Note 2 was good but for me, Note 3 is better. There have been a lot of complaints about the phone’s battery life but majority of the owners actually say good things about it. I’m not trying to discredit you but I don’t have any idea how bad it is for you, or how long your phone’s battery could last.

When it comes to battery problems, it is always a logical thing to look for what’s responsible for the fast draining. In order to do that, boot your phone to Safe Mode to disable all third-party apps make note of the number of hours the battery could last with only pre-installed apps and core services are running. Then, compare that with the number of hours when the phone is in normal mode.

It is expected that the battery could last longer in safe mode but it must have a huge difference and if this is the case then you already know that third-party apps are draining your battery faster. You need to find the apps that do it and uninstall them.

Of course, there’s always the possibility of the deprecation of the battery performance but that’s difficult to know. I would advise you to backup all your data and perform factory reset then observe if the phone could last longer than before. Or, you can simply buy a new battery and try it out with your phone.

#3. Note 3 camera works only in landscape mode


The built-in camera app will only shoot in landscape mode. Rotating the camera to portrait causes the area of the screen where the image is displayed to go black. Likewise, third party apps seem to only work in portrait mode. If you rotate them into landscape orientation, the image rotates with it and you still get a portrait image. What gives? – Jay


Your guess is better than mine considering I don’t know the history of your phone. But the most logical thing for you to do right now is to clear both the cache and data of the Camera app to see if that helps. Otherwise, boot your phone to Safe Mode to know if a third-party app is causing the problem. If the camera still won’t work correctly even in Safe Mode, you have no other option but to perform factory reset to rule out the possibility that the problem is with the firmware. If that doesn’t work either, it must be a hardware problem. You need to have your phone checked by an authorized technician.

#4. Note 3 can’t receive text messages


Good evening my Galaxy [Note 3] won’t receive text messages at all for some reason it started randomly. What can I do? I don’t want to reset and lose my text messages and pictures. – Crystal


If you recently used an iOS device with the same number you have on your Galaxy Note 3, then reset your iMessage via your Apple account. That should do it.

If it’s a different issue, then I am left to assume what happened to your phone. I don’t even know if you can send a text message just fine or not. But if you can and are using a third-party messaging app, please try disabling it first to see if that would solve the problem. It could be just a little messed up setting.

If, however, you can’t send and receive text messages, call your service provider or carrier first and have your SIM card checked.

#5. Note 3 can’t find 3G network


Hi, I like your articles about Samsung Note 3 problems solution. I’m here seeking help for the same. I bought Samsung Galaxy Note 3 SM-N900 from China. I am from India. Everything seems to work fine except for one strange problem. When I insert Indian SIM card I can use 2G network but when I set the network settings to 3G (WCDMA only) then my network disappears. I have activated 3G service on this SIM and when I insert on other android phones, 3G service runs smoothly. Please I have no other way but to seek your help. Please reply soon. Thank you.


Setting the Note 3 to WCDMA only is instructing it to connect only to 3G network. The only time you lose network coverage is when there very low to none signal detected in the area. So, for this specific problem, I want you to try connecting to the 3G network when you’re near a tower. If you still can’t get a signal, then it is possible the phone has a hardware problem or its signal receptors were obstructed, somehow; you need to have it checked.

#6. Fast battery drain when mobile data is on


I have noticed over the past week that when my device is enabled to get mobile data that I have severe battery drain. About 10 percent an hour and that is when the phone is sitting on the counter not being used. When mobile data is turned off I don’t experience the normal usage. I have no apps running as well. Any suggestions?


When mobile data is turned on, it is expected that the phone like the Note 3 would drain its battery faster than normal even if you leave it on the side unused. If, however, the phone still drains the battery faster when mobile data is turned on, that’s a different story. I’m not sure how you checked your phone but saying there are no apps running when your in normal mode is not entirely true; some apps are already running in the background upon boot up. The only way you can make sure there are no apps running is when you just did factory reset or booted your phone to safe mode.

Going back to the problem, try to open your phone’s battery usage statistics and find the service or app that’s consuming more battery. If it’s a third-party app, you can try to disable or force close it from the Application Manager. If it’s the screen, try to remove the battery while the phone is on and press and hold the Power button while the battery is out for about a minute.

#7. Multiple problems with Note 3


Hi, I’m using the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 android version 4.4.2 (I believe its the latest version in India so far). I always have been facing few technical problems ever since I got it, I would like to point out few of them;

1). Proximity sensor malfunction

This is the most annoying problem that I have been facing ,whenever I receive any call the screen doesn’t go OFF, as I keep it to my ears, since screen is still ON and it keeps touching my cheeks it turns ON Mute or turns ON Bluetooth or some other buttons. My check option in call settings “Turn off screen during call” is ON and yet the screen doesn’t go OFF during call. I have started noticing it after updating my phone to the Newer version , earlier this problem didn’t exist. FYI, my Air Gesture and all are working fine, sensors are receiving the commands.

2). Audio Flicker

This basically happens when I’m playing some music on Play Music and I open my photo gallery the music actually flickers.

3). Wi-Fi keeps dropping

The WiFi keeps dropping all the time I have tried all your options that you have provided

  • Disable Power Saving Mode.
  • Disable WiFi Power Saving Mode.
  • Go to Advance WiFi Settings and enable ‘Always’ connect to network during sleep.
  • Make sure your network doesn’t have problems. Unplug your router for a minute to reboot it.

I would be able to access my WiFi on laptop but yet not on my phone! I would kindly request you to give me a good solution for my problems.




Well, that’s a lot of problems for a phone. But you know what, not all updates are successful and no high-end smartphone is perfect. The point is, there would always be problems or you can encounter some of them after weeks or months of using the device. Based on your message, I can see you already exhausted all possible remedies for these problems but they remained. So, my question is, have you already tried performing factory reset?

The first thing we technicians ask our customers when they complain about having problems with their phone is if they already performed factory reset. I agree, not all problems can be resolved by this procedure but it is one very effective way to know whether it is a software (firmware) issue or hardware.

In your case, if you already did that and all these problems persist, then it’s time you have the phone checked thoroughly by an authorized Samsung technician. Or, you can ask for a replacement unit from your provider. I’m sure they are willing to provide one if you will point out these problems to them one-by-one.

#8. Action memo stopped working


Hi there droid guy! I just bought my Note 3 yesterday. When I turned it on, I setup all my accounts (samsung and google and the likes). After that, I go ahead and update my phone to the latest OS (Kitkat) and after it finished updating and downloading all my apps and when I tried to use the Action Memo either using S Pen or tapping the App itself, it just crash and it will tell me the same thing wherever I go and/or whatever I do every time I open the App “Unfortunately, Action memo has stopped working.”

I tried rebooting the phone, doing the wipe cache partition but it did not seem to help at all. Hoping you have a solution for this. Thank you.


I understand you have a new phone and updated it to the most recent version. I assume you don’t have much data on your Action Memo app, if there are, please back them up, and then clear its cache and data through the Application Manager. If that doesn’t help, please perform factory reset. Don’t worry, you will keep the most recent Android version on your phone but doing so will bring the phone back to its “working” state.

#9. Sync and performance problems after the update


Hello my Galaxy Note 3 recently did an update by itself, and now I’m having trouble with my emails, camera and messages. I can’t view any emails it keeps saying email sync is disabled, but there’s nothing that lets me enable it. I’ve gone to settings, general and accounts but nothings working. My messages are very slow in coming up and my camera takes at least 6 seconds before taking a picture. Prior to the update my phone was working perfectly. I am quite distraught about this and need help very quickly in order to sort these problems out. I am paying a lot of money and not receiving what I’m paying for anymore. Could someone please help me.


Some updates are not as successful as others and I can see you’re one of those unlucky ones who have their phones messed up totally. The truth is, I myself don’t know where to start if I had all these problems. But I will advise you to backup all your important data and perform factory reset.

The thing is, if we begin troubleshooting problems with your emails, then we will end up looking up a fix for a sync that wouldn’t be enabled no matter what you do. And then, there is the problem with your phone’s performance, and then the camera, etc.

I think factory reset is the best starting point to the resolution of this problem, although you will have to go through the hassle of backing up all your important data.

#10. People can’t hear owner when in a call


I purchased a Samsung Galaxy Note 3 about a month ago. Last week I began having a problem with the phone. When a call comes in, whether I make it or if its incoming, I can hear the person on the other end fine but they can’t hear me. I turned the volume all the way up and that hasn’t worked. It is not the area I’m in, because it has happened in different areas. Do you have any solutions to this? Thanks, Todd.


Todd, the last time I encountered a problem like this, I had to have compressed air blown through the microphone hole or mouthpiece and it worked. Problems like this happens when the little hole where your voice comes in is corroded with anything that blocks sound. But of course, there is a possibility that it’s a microphone issue. So, try the first solution first and if that doesn’t work, have the phone checked by a technician.

#11. Android.process.acore stopped


I keep getting the message “Unfortunately, the process android.process.acore has stopped”. I cannot access the menus. Please help. Regards, Seamus.


More often this problem occurs when there are some issues with syncing of contacts. I understand you can’t almost do anything on the phone when this error message comes up but if you still can, try to make a backup of your contacts. You may also want to reboot to Safe Mode just to disable all third parties, perhaps you can backup your contacts there.

You need to clear the cache and data of both the Contacts app and the Contact Storage service. You may lose all your synced contacts when you cleared the data of the Contacts app and you will lose all contacts saved locally in your phone when you cleared data of the Contact Storage service. If all else fails, perform factory reset.

#12. Note 3 picture / video full of lines


Have you seen the issue where the picture/video is full of lines? It happens all the time and appears to be related to lower light levels. See attached example. — Tom



I’ve seen the video you attached, Tom. I am no photography expert or enthusiast but I’m pretty sure normal low-light captures aren’t as bad as the one phone has. Obviously, it is not an issue with the software but with the camera sensor. I don’t know if this problem happens frequently or occasionally but you need to have the phone checked.

#13. Server error occurred. Restart Camera.


The video camera function on my camera is no longer working and I’m not sure why. This phone is less than two weeks old and I have already taken videos with it. This upsets me because I have a 4 month old that I love to record especially when it comes to his firsts. The led flash light comes on when I push the video button, the screen switches and freezes. The message saying error prompts and when I close the camera, the led light will remain on until I reopen the camera. Hopefully you can help me figure this out, many thanks! — Chris



The server this error may be referring to is not something “online.” Servers can also be offline or local like Media Server, which exists in any device that are capable of storing and playing media files like videos, music tracks, photos, etc. I never actually encountered this problem before so I’m also at a loss here. But if you’re using a third-party camera app, disable or uninstall that one first and use stock to see if the error still pops up.

Additionally, try booting to Safe Mode where all third parties are disabled so we could narrow down the problem if it’s caused by pre-installed apps and services or third parties. If the problem doesn’t happen in safe mode, then the issue is with one of the third-party apps. If, however, the problem still happens there, try turning all your syncs. If your camera was set to automatically upload pictures and videos to the cloud, turn that feature off then try again. If it still happens, backup your data and perform factory reset.

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11 Replies to “Samsung Galaxy Note 3 Problems and Solutions [Part 9]”

  1. Solution for camera problem.:
    Go to settings-> More -> App manager -> Swipe to all apps in the right-> search camera app ->and Delete data .
    Start camera . Tested on S4/note 3/galaxy s5 .5.0 lollipop

  2. my note 3 got stuck in horizontal mode so I didn’t factory hard reset and now for over an hour it says downloading do not turn off target. what should i do let it keep running

  3. i need help i looking for some menu in this lock settings
    and i cant toggle in screen mode between easy at basic mode

  4. Kitkat update broke my camera on my Note 3. I did the cache cleaning, etc. to no avail. Problem is LONG LONG delay between tapping to take picture and actual picture being taken. Even on sports, I get 4 flickers, picture goes in and out 4 times, and then it takes the picture, often out of focus. Have spoken to T-mobile and they had me do some stuff, to no avail. Any solution?

  5. Hi I have the note 3 and this is the most awesome posting I have found on my phone. Thanks for this! My problem now….I totally lost the ability to use my speak to txt function. My keyboard is different now so that may be the issue but I need this texting function….what do I do? Every time I tap on the little icon where I used to be able to talk and the phone put my text in automatically, a notification pops up saying ” NO NETWORK AVAILABLE” then under that it says “Please try again when you are connected to the network”.

    I have tried being on my Wireless network as well as taking wifi off and being on cellular network. I have been trying to figure out the issue for over a week by changing settings that would make sense so I hope I didn’t make it worse. Help! Thanks so much.

  6. I have an S3 Note. It used 2 gigabytes of data, although we did not use it knowingly! No music, no games, no movies, no you tube etc. Not even email!!!!

    No downloaded apps at all on this phone.

    Only sending text messages and surfing the internet.

    The phone is actually set in easy mode for my 88 year old father.

    I am assuming something was running in the background, but what???

    Any ideas?

  7. Mine now had significant lag coming out wake up, over a minute – just a black screen until it decides to do something. This update has made the most useful device I own the most frustrating.

  8. Upgraded fantastic Note 3 to 4.4.2 on tmobile, now many SMS and mms problems. Did two factory resets at direction of tech support. Still some messages not delivered or received without warning. Done much testing with my verizon jelly bean phone back and forth, some dropped , some come in a day later in big bunches. If you own a note 3 and rely on SMS and mms I highly suggest not upgrading. Camera also blurry and has some “processing” message. Many other lesser bugs but the text issue is seriously FUBAR.

  9. I m facing a problem with my note3. my internet is not working. playstore also not working. it always say “can’t establish a reliable connection to the server.” what can I do?

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