Samsung Galaxy Note 3 Problems and How To Fix Them [Part 8]


If you’re reading this, you may have some problems with your Galaxy Note 3 or are looking for answers to your questions. This is the 8th part of our Samsung Galaxy Note 3 Problems and Solutions. Try browsing this post to find what you’re looking for and if  you can’t find it here, browse through the first seven parts of the series. Links are provided below.

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Problems and Solutions

#1. Galaxy Note 3 lacking front camera


Hi Friends, I bought the Samsung Galaxy Note three from China two weeks ago. Everything is working perfectly well, but the problem I have is with the front camera. It didn’t have any place to switch over to the front camera. I thought the problem is from the camera installed, so I downloaded a Cymera camera from the store. It provided an option to switch over to front camera. But when I did, it said my phone does not have a front camera device. Please, are there Samsung Note 3 types that do not have front camera device or is the problem from the manufacturers, or is there a way to turn it on? This fault is making me unhappy with the phone because the front camera device is one of my main reason for buying the phone. Thanks for your assistance.Sen


Sen, are you sure you bought a Samsung Galaxy Note 3? There is no way a manufacturer could build a device lacking one component because after the designing and engineering, parts are mass-produced resulting to millions of identical units when assembled. High-end phones like the Note 3 will always come with rear- and front-facing cameras. I have a feeling you purchased a clone Note 3 and not the real thing. If you can, please try to find the model number of the phone or the IMEI. I think there are online services where you could check the IMEI of the phone to tell you everything about it. But as for me, I would bet that  you purchased a close Galaxy Note 3.

#2. Note 3 browser lacks text wrapping


Thanks for all the great information & the hard work that goes into finding solutions. Shortly after updating to Kitkat, I noticed that Word wrap no longer works in any of my email clients. Sending, receiving, does not matter. Same result. I’ve removed and re-added many of my accounts with no improvement. I’ve looked around the net for solutions, but nothing concrete. Many say its because of a fundamental change in the way Google is trying handle webview. While its not a deal breaker, any info or help would be much appreciated.Michael H.


This is actually a KitKat-specific issue and I think it’s a bug. It happens to Chrome, Dolphin, Firefox, etc. I think the only browser not affected by this is Opera. There are a lot of developers finding a workaround this problem, as  you can read via Google’s Developers community, but there’s no fix as of this writing. Let’s wait it out a bit and I’m sure they would be able to fix this.

#3. Can’t detect Bose Bluetooth speaker


I upgrade from Motorola Droid X to Samsung Note 3 and I used to enjoy Bose Soundlink Bluetooth speakers from the Droid X, but now Samsung phone does not detect the Bose, I guess because incompatibility with A2DP Bluetooth protocol that Bose uses. Can you recommend me an app that works for this purpose in the Samsung Note 3? Thanks in advance.Alfredo


Yeah, that seems to be a common issue not just with the Note 3 but also with the Galaxy S3 and S4. The app that I often recommend is A2DP Connect. You seem to be more knowledgeable than me when it comes to Bluetooth protocols, I’m sure you can figure this out.

#4. Brand new Note 3 didn’t charge


I’ve had my Note 3 for 3 days now and have charged it only once and when I wanted to charge it the second time it wouldn’t charge. so I checked all the connections of the USB and charger but everything was just fine. So I removed the battery then I put it back in and then it charged. I just want to know if it’s a battery problem, a charger problem or a phone problem (by phone problem I mean the internal parts not the USB port). Kindly let me know as soon as possible so that if  there’s a problem I could have it fixed while still in warranty? Thanks.


It’s pretty difficult to say what the problem really is when the issue happened only once, doesn’t it? Sorry, I can’t say what the matter with your new phone. As what I understand, the phone didn’t charge immediately the second time you charged it. But then removing the battery solved the problem, so there’s nothing to troubleshoot because we don’t know if the problem would happen again.

#5. Note 3 asking which launcher to use


Every time I press the home key on my Note 3 to head back to the home screen or jump out of open apps it asks me to which launcher to choose !!! though I already chosen my default launcher! Every time it keeps happening please help me out of this.


I would assume you’re using a phone with a stock firmware. This problem is related to Touchwiz so try clearing its cache and data first. But please note that you may lose your custom Home screens when you do this. Additionally, if you’ve installed third-party launchers, try disabling them first to know if the problem still happens. If all else fails, backup your data and perform factory reset.

#6. Note 3 freezes for 3 seconds randomly


I got my Note 3 (exynos) in November. It performed well for many days but suddenly the freezing problem started from nowhere! the screen freezes for at least 3 seconds whatever may be the app I’m using!  I thought this was a problem related to Samsung account as I’d seen the error message that, “your Samsung account cannot be fetched at this moment.” So I removed the account and then checked for the problem and it’s still present! Also the shout down time is too long than usual! I checked this with my friend’s GN 3 bought a month back! His phone was rapid in restarting/ shutting down! My phone shutted down in the mean time his one was restarted already with it’s home screen on!


There are a lot of reasons why the phone’s performance deteriorates but the most common of all is too much use of the RAM. Perhaps, there is a third-party app that’s using too much RAM, which may cause to freezing and slowing down of the phone. Try booting to Safe Mode and observe if the freezing still continues. If it doesn’t, then the cause was a third-party app. If the phone’s performance is still poor even when in Safe Mode, you need to backup your data and perform factory reset.

#7. Download icon shows on Notification bar


Hi, on the top of the phone, there is always a list of different icons indicating different things.  Today one was showing that something was being down loaded (a flashing downward arrow with a horizontal line in the bottom).  Even after I cleared out the download folder, closed all apps, and disconnected Cellular Data, it still kept on flashing. What do I do? Thanks for your help! Thanks, Dania.


It could be just a minor glitch with the Download Manager. Try going to Settings > General > Application Manager > All > Download Manager (or Downloads) > Tap Clear Cache > Tap Clear Data, and then OK. Reboot your phone after this.

#8. Random apps keep popping up


I keep getting pop up ads. These ads do not pop up while I am in an app, they pop up when I am on my home page and other pages. They look like ads that would pop up while you are browsing the Internet so I uninstalled my Firefox as well as Google Chrome browser and it I still get them. Thank you for any help you may provide.


Your browsers may not have something to do with it but I am almost certain you’ve installed a third-party app that came with another application that handles ads like the ones you’re getting. Try booting to safe mode and see if the ad still pops up; if ads don’t pop up, then find the third-party app that causes it and uninstall it. If the ad still pops up in safe mode, however, then the app may have different permission settings. If you can’t find it, I would suggest you backup your data and perform factory reset.

#9. Samsung Keyboard stopped working


Hi, I read your solution online and I’ve tried clearing the cache and clearing the data from the application manager but the “unfortunately, Samsung keyboard has stopped working” keeps on popping out! It frustrates me to no end; I couldn’t type at all anywhere, couldn’t view my locked notes, etc.

I want to ask how do you boot it to recovery mode? I can’t afford to have a factory reset because I have too much stuff inside. I’ve tried taking out the battery and restarting the phone quite a few times but it just won’t work 🙁 please do help. Thank you.


Please boot the phone to Safe Mode to know if the problem is caused by a third-party app or the pre-installed ones. If the error message still pops up, there’s nothing much you can do but perform master reset. If it was caused by a third-party app, however, finding and uninstalling the app is the ultimate solution.

As a workaround, try using a different keyboard while the problem isn’t solved.

#10. Zero applications running, email sync issue


I’m used to going into my active applications tab (holding the button down and hitting the first tab at the bottom of the screen) and being able to “end all” active applications but now whenever I get there it always says 0 applications are running when I have multiple applications running. This started about a week ago and I have no clue why.

Also, I’ve turned on my email sync for Gmail but it never automatically syncs. I have to go into my email and sync it myself. Can you please help? Thank you, Susan.


I’m not sure if it’s just a minor software glitch or some data may have been corrupted. Either way, wiping the cache partition may help solve this problem. You need to boot to the Recovery Mode by pressing and holding the Volume Up, Home and Power buttons. As to you email, please try to setup your account and make sure you have an active internet connection. Please note that you may lose your downloaded emails as well as all your settings and customizations.

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  1. I have a problem with a front camera, I don´t know what I have to doing with this to working again. It works before, When I turn on camera than twist to front camera it always stop working and it actually stuck and I can´t do anything just pressing a buttom a lot of times and than finally came back. Does anyone know whats wrong ? Do I have to go to the service ? (sorry for my bad English)

  2. Hello 🙂
    I have always had 3 languages in my samsung galaxy note 3 keyboard. It is about three days, that there shows only one language. I can’t sweep or change the languages. All the keyboard setting is correct and there are 3 languages.
    Default keyboard is samsung keyboard, and inside this there are three languages. I don’t know why it is doing like this.

    I will be so happy if any one could help me. Thanks in advance.

    Image of keyboard setting.

  3. when I use the map and playing music, the music stops as it should when the map gives directions but the voice is too low to hear. I can hear it if I turn the volume up on the radio all the way but then the music screams!!; I came from using the apple so I’m expecting the same features to work on the Note 3! what is the solution to play music while using map to get directions?

  4. when i am trying to add my mail ( my domain register and mail server using GMAIL) this will make error incoming / outgoing mail server not responding ( my PC configured with POP3 / outlook ) and i want to use IMAP with my mobile email . so how can i configure . Samsung people ask to factory reset , its not solution , this is not easy to take backup and restore

  5. how can i sync my data folder and note 3 sd card folder , and prevent to rename my folder name automatically ( few folders1st latter change randomly than i have to remove card read and rename via PC ) once i want to use syncbackup for sync folder it is not detecting folder in connected mobile (via usb cable) it shows in my computer but not in destination

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