Samsung Galaxy Note 2 Problems, Questions, Solutions & Fixes [Part 7]

It’s been a while since a published the last article on Samsung Galaxy Note 2 Problems and Solutions. But apparently, this is the seventh part and I answered or addressed ten problems/questions in this post. So please take time browsing it and if you can’t find anything like your problem, browse through the first six parts of this series.

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#1. SD Card is saying blank or unsupported file


Hi, I am having an issue with my SD card for my Note 2. It just recently did it hours ago. I was on the phone talking to my niece and my phone shut off and on and finally pulled out the battery but nothing else. Will I waited 30 seconds and put the battery back in and then my SD card is saying blank or unsupported file.  I even reformat it as well.

Is there anything  else I can do? My SD card has a lot of pictures and memories on it. And if it doesn’t work should I get another or is it because of the KitKat update that I have read on drippler may not be accepting it any longer.  But my husband has the S3 and he’s not having any issues he hasn’t have the update yet for KitKat I do not either. I have the Android version 4.3. What can I do to fix this problem? Please help. Thank you.April


If you’ve already reformatted the SD card, then it is almost impossible to restore its contents. You actually had me confused about the “blank or unsupported file.” I was thinking you had two problems or receiving two separate errors. Having a blank SD card is entirely different from the “unsupported file” problem because the latter will only popup when you attempt to open files that is not supported by any app installed on your device.

The error message is actually “SD card is blank or has unsupported filesystem.” It is obviously a microSD card problem; the phone sees it as blank because it couldn’t read from it for having an “unsupported filesystem.” It is too early to say the microSD card is defective. What I want you to do is unmount the microSD card from your phone, insert it in your laptop and reformat it to FAT32 format so it would become readable by your phone. If the phone still says unsupported filesystem after doing so, then I suggest you buy a new card.

#2. Note 2 won’t connect to network


I have a Galaxy Note 2 that is unlocked. I live in Ontario Canada and am with Bell. Just out of the blue, it won’t connect to the network. I’ve used other SIM cards from Rogers, Fido etc. And says unable to connect, try again later. Bell doesn’t get it or Samsung. I’ve reset phone, I’ve checked data network, VPN,  and it won’t work. It connects to me Wifi and everything else works fine with the phone. But I can’t call or text it’s like when your bill isn’t paid and cut off.. but that’s not the case. It’s not black listed nothing….

Please help. Thank you.Ryan


When you said “out of the blue it won’t connect to the network” I hope you meant you were able to connect before and what I’m curious about is if this problem happened before you inserted SIM cards from other providers (Rogers and Fido) or after.

I understand you could connect to any Wifi network so let’s rule out the possibility of a phone radio problem. I was actually thinking you were having problems connecting to mobile data network (i.e. can’t send or receive MMS and can’t browse the web) but I was wrong; you also have problems sending text messages and making calls.

I am not familiar with Canada’s wireless policies but in the U.S. a SIM card is tied to a phone and they’re not transferrable. Now, there’s one thing you could do to resolve this: insert one of the SIM cards you have (say for example Rogers’), and call the carrier. Perhaps it’s just a provisioning problem. You should also ask for the correct APN settings.

#3. Samsung Keyboard crashes on Galaxy Note 2


Dear sir, I’m facing problem with Samsung floating keyboard while using multitasking feature. It is showing an error as ‘Unfortunately Samsung keyboard has stopped’. Please tell me is there a way to rectify this problem. Thanks in advance.


First and foremost, if you’ve installed a third-party keyboard, please uninstall it for now because there’s always the possibility of a conflict.

Now, to address this problem, follow these steps:

  1. From any Home screen, tap the Menu key.
  2. Choose Settings and the tap the More tab.
  3. Tap Application Manager.
  4. Swipe left or right until contents of the All section are displayed.
  5. Scroll to and tap Samsung Keyboard.
  6. Tap Clear Cache first.
  7. Then tap Clear Data and then tap OK. (Please note that you may lose all your settings in the keyboard when you do this but there’s a big possibility the problem will be solved by this.)

Email us back about the outcome of this procedure.

#4. Slow browsing problem on Note 2


Hi, I have a WiFi router at home. My Pc , printer, galaxy tab and note 2 is connected. My problem is the note2 is very, very slow compared to the tablet even if we sit near the router. If I switch the WiFi off it works very good but my data package is small so I need the WiFi. Can you help please.Fanie


Fanie, I’m not trying to discredit you when you said your Wifi connection on the Note 2 is slow. But if you could just run a speed test on devices that are connected to your network, you can differentiate how slow your Galaxy Note 2 is compared with others. Now, here are some things you could try:

  1. Dial *#0011# and turn off Power Saving Mode if it’s On.
  2. Try experimenting with your router settings just to find the channel that best fits your Galaxy Note 2.
  3. Disconnect other devices but leave the Note 2 connected and observe if there’s a difference.
  4. Try to let your phone “Forget” your network, turn off Wifi, reboot it, turn the Wifi back on and connect to your network again.

Email us back if the problem persists and make this post a reference when  you do. Thanks.

#5. Unroot Note 2 without tripping flash counter


Dear sir, I’ve read all your suggestions ,answers to questions to which I appreciate.  I’m owning Galaxy Note2 (gt n7100). It’s under warranty right now but I want to root it because of some apps like game guardian, viper4android fx,etc. And for that I need a rooted device . I have read guides about rooting it and I know it will be easily rooted. But in future I need to claim my warranty and for that I’ve to unroot it. My question is ,is there any guide to unroot without tripping knox counter. As sone guides are there but I’m not sure of them. I hope you understand what I want to say .

Thanks. Regards.Amandeep


For the benefit of those who can’t understand what our reader, Amandeep, was saying, Samsung forced an update to its high-end devices including the Note 2 so KNOX will be installed. One of its purposes is to tell Samsung if you’ve flashed firmware not signed by the company. After the update and installation of the KNOX, your device will be flagged as “KNOX Void Warranty 0×0″ and if you rooted and unrooted your phone, it would be flagged as ” KNOX Void Warranty 0×1.” Thus, you cannot claim warranty because you already voided it by rooting.

What Amandeep was asking is if it’s possible to unroot the phone without tripping the flash counter and retain the “KNOX Void Warranty 0×0” flag.

I talked to one of my friends over at XDA Dev and I was told of this post. But please note that I don’t guarantee that the procedure works and follow it at your own risk.

#6. Note 2 can’t pickup Wi-Fi networks


Hi, I’m currently using a Samsung Galaxy Note 2 GT-N7100 with official jellybean 4.3 updated a month ago. Three days ago my phone stopped picking up any networks with my wifi on. I don’t pick my office or home wifi network but my wifi can turn on. I also have been experiencing slower charging, with or without wifi or mobile networks turned on. Can you please help me solve this issue. Yours sincerely.Willem


First of all, please make sure that both your office and home networks exist by trying to connect using a difference device or a laptop perhaps. Since it happened all of the sudden, reboot your phone ’cause there’s always the possibility of a software glitch wherein a service is automatically stopped especially when there is a bunch of apps running in the background.

If the problem still persists after that, try rebooting to Safe Mode to disable all third-party apps and try scanning for available networks. If the phone can find Wifi networks and can connect, a third-party app is causing the problem; find and uninstall it.

However, in case the problem still exists even in Safe Mode, boot to recovery mode and wipe the cache partition and try again. If the problem persists, backup all your data and perform factory reset.

#7. S Note has stopped working


Hi, I recently updated my Samsung Note 2 and now the S Note won’t open and this message appears “Unfortunately S Note has stopped”. How can this issue be solved?


I assume you successfully updated your phone to the new version and it means you haven’t encountered any errors during download and installation.

The first thing you should try is to find out whether a third-party app or service is causing this problem. So, I need you to boot your phone to Safe Mode and launch the S Note from there. If the app runs well without the error message, then you need to find the culprit and uninstall it.

However, if the problem persists even if you’re in Safe Mode, then try clearing both the cache and data of the S Note. But first, backup all your notes if you can.

  1. From any Home screen, tap the Menu key.
  2. Choose Settings and the tap the More tab.
  3. Tap Application Manager.
  4. Swipe left or right until contents of the All section are displayed.
  5. Scroll to and tap S Note.
  6. Tap Clear Cache first.
  7. Then tap Clear Data and then tap OK.

I hope this helps.

#8. Update hasn’t come yet


I’m from Egypt and my Note 2 is still running on OS 4.1.2 and I keep checking for the android upgrade but it did not come through yet. Should I root it or should I wait for the official update.


First and foremost, call your carrier or service provider and ask them if there is an update coming soon. If they said the update has already been rolled out but your phone says it’s running the latest update, try using KIES to pull the update down to your device.

But then, of course, you always have another option and that is to root your phone and install the update manually. However, you have to face the fact that  you’re voiding your warranty if you do so.

#9. Note 2 screen won’t turn off


Hi, I have a Samsung Galaxy Note 2 and I dropped it in water a couple of weeks ago. It’s working perfectly fine, the only problem is my screen will not turn off no matter what I do. I tried putting it in rice, it didn’t help. I don’t have money to get a new one at the moment. What should I do? Please help.Jordan


Jordan, I’m pretty sure pulling the battery out will turn the screen off. I’m not trying to be sarcastic but try doing that and then while the battery is out, press and hold the Power button for about a minute. Place the battery back and turn the phone on. Now observe if the screen turns off, if not, then try pressing the Power button to see if the screen turns off if you do that.

There is, of course, a possibility that a circuit inside the phone was messed up by water and I would suggest bringing it to a tech to have it checked and “dehydrated” in case there is still small amount of liquid inside. But before doing so, try booting to Safe Mode and observe if the phone still remains awake even if you set it to sleep for a certain period of time.

In case the problem still happens even when in Safe Mode, you should perform Factory Reset before you bring it to a tech. Believe me, we technicians prefer to do master reset all the time before doing troubleshooting procedures in the phone to defend ourselves in case the owner complains about having his/her privacy violated. The point is, perform factory reset (after you backed up your data, of course) just to see if the problem will be solved. After all, the phone will be reset once it reaches the hand of the technician.

#10. Note 2 draining battery faster


Hello Android Guy, I am a proud owner of a Note 2. Used it over a year now. A few months back it was up_graded to 4.3.

It is running fine but I have to work harder to make it run. Eats up a lot of battery. And the charging seems to have slowed down. Takes longer to charge fully now and sometimes I even have to switch it off at nights. The input voltage is correct. Let me tell you that I use a lot of gprs if out of home or wifi if at home.

Is it OK or can I do something to get more juice from the battery, as you guys put it. Thanks.Vinay


Hello Ma’am. Faster draining of the battery is actually a common problem after the update. It seems like everything inside the phone is on steroids after 4.3. Samsung didn’t acknowledge it to be a problem even after millions of users were complaining about it, so basically, we cannot provide resolution. Many users, however, have to make compromises; others said turning the Power Saving Mode on helps (it actually does) while others say Factory Reset solves the problem (I can’t confirm this). Other workarounds include lowering the screen brightness level. I understand how inconvenient it is to charge the phone after a few hours but like you, we too are at a loss here. But don’t worry, we always keep our eyes on new updates on problems so if  something comes up, we’ll let you know right away.

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