Samsung ChatON gets an update with a new message recall feature

Samsung ChatOn

We sometimes accidentally send a message to the wrong person on our list or make a mistake which we cannot correct. Samsung’s new update to the ChatON application addresses this very issue with the help of a message recall feature which allows users to cancel a message or recall it even after it’s been sent.

The messages can be wiped even after the person on the other end has read it, so this will only help if you’ve sent something which your friends haven’t read. It is said that this feature is applicable to group messages as well.

Other updates include a revamped group chat experience where you can now talk to up to 1,001 people in a single group, an upgrade compared to the previous iteration of the app. The new update also brings support for a plethora of languages including Arabic, Hindi, Farsi and Turkish. Features like these will certainly increase adoption as the likes of WhatsApp, Line and WeChat are currently dominating the instant messaging segment.

The ChatON app comes by default on all Samsung smartphones while the standalone app is available from the Google Play Store for non-Samsung devices as well. So this can be used as an alternative cross platform instant messaging client and the addition of these new features will certainly make it a more attractive option.

Source: Samsung

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