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Rumor suggests Google will launch a $100 Nexus handset soon


With devices like the Moto G and several other Chinese smartphones doing wonders in the markets with their sub $200 pricing, a new rumor indicates that Google could soon join the bandwagon. This report coming out of Asia suggests that Google could launch an ultra affordable $100 Nexus smartphone in the coming months. Perhaps the success of the Moto G has prompted Google to launch something similar of its own.

It is said that Google will use a MediaTek made SoC and make several other cuts as well to keep hardware costs down. There’s not much info available apart from this at the moment, but the prospects look very bright at the moment.

So where will Google target a device like this? We’re guessing Asia and Europe as these are the two markets where midrange and lowcost handsets sell in abundance, in addition to the high end flagships of course. There’s not much information on a release timeframe either, so take this report with a pinch of salt until we have more information coming through.

Source: MTK – Translated

Via: Pocketnow

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