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Any resident of the U.S. can purchase Google Glass today

Google Glass Product Page

It’s April 15 and for those of you that remember, any resident of the U.S. who is at least 18 years old can get the Google Glass wearable today. It will still cost $1500, but users will also get a free frame, prescription glasses or tinted shades which usually costs $150 or $225 on a usual day. This promotion is valid only today (15th of April) from 9AM Eastern Time or 6AM Pacific Time. Previously, users needed an invite from an existing Glass user to get the device.

It seems like this new promotion is being offered to gauge the public interest for the company’s wearable which is quite some distance away from a commercial release. This is still a developer product, so it’s only meant for people who intend to write apps for the device before the commercial release later this year. However, if you have $1500 to spend and would like to try out a futuristic product along with trendy looking detachable lenses, this is probably the best chance to do so.

Source: Google Glass Product Page

Via: Android Police

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