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Redesigned version of Google+ for Android leaked out

Google+ Redesign

A series of leaked screenshots have hinted at a possible redesign of the Android version of Google+. And it’s a pretty significant update too as a lot appears to have changed in terms of UI and features.

First and foremost, the annoying black bar on the bottom is now seen to be missing, which is welcome news as it was consuming a lot of the screen real estate without contributing a lot to the app itself.

The action bar is now red in color and selecting the new post button will open a floating window on top of the existing page rather than opening a separate page within the app. Speaking of the new post button, this has also received a significant revamp with Google using a circular button now rather than the fixed “Write” button seen on the current version.

It is said that the red filter seen on the screenshots here will only remain during the testing phase, so you probably won’t see it in the final release. There’s still no confirmation of when this revamped version of Google+ will arrive, but since it’s part of leaks already, we’re bound to believe it will soon make its way to Android devices. Google’s other apps such as Gmail and Calendar have been revealed to get similar updates in the coming weeks or months.

Source: +YoelKaseb – Google+

Via: Android Police

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