Quick Q&A About Some Samsung Galaxy S4 Issues

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Here is a quick discussion of some problems sent to us by Galaxy S4 users through The Droid Guy Mailbag:

1. Q: “Is there a way to activate the DND feature of Galaxy S4?”

A: There is no such feature in the Galaxy S4. But if you want to have this function in your phone, one alternative is to install an app like Tasker. This will let you put your phone sounds on automatic mute when you are sleeping, but it will alert you when there are calls or messages from people whom you have set as important like your wife, boss, child or parents depending on your configurations. Other functions that you will find useful with the app is the way it puts your phone on silent when your calendar indicates you are in a meeting or your GPS detects that you are in an area wherein you can’t be disturbed.

2. Q: “My Galaxy S4 compass is showing the wrong direction all the time in my maps, how do I fix it?”

A: First, try to clear the cache of your map. If that does not work, clear its data as well. When that fails, enter Safe Mode and observe if the problem persists. If the issue stops in Safe Mode, there might be an app causing the bug. Locate the app and uninstall it. When all else fails, backup your device and do a Factory Reset. After the factory reset and you are still encountering the bug, try reporting it to the developer of the app so they can release a patch that contains a fix.

3. Q: “Is there a way to completely disable the Lock Screen of my Samsung Galaxy S4?”

A: Yes, but you will need certain apps to do it. Examples of apps that will allow you to do it are “No Lock” and “CM Locker” from the Google Play store.

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