Project Tango Gets The iFixit Teardown Treatment

Google is currently developing a smartphone that could create a 3D map of its surrounding called Project Tango. The device is still in its prototype stage however once completed it will allow apps to interact with real world objects. Some examples of its use include playing games that involves real objects or even helping you decide the best landscaping options for your front lawn.

Although Project Tango has not been released yet the team over at iFixit were able to get an early unit of the device which they immediately tore down to see what makes it tick. They gave it a repairability score of 9 out of 10, 10 being the easiest to repair.

Some of the reasons behind this high rating are as follows

  • The battery can be replaced in seconds with no tools.
  • Seven screws hold the entire device together.
  • Several modular components can be replaced independently: speakers, cameras (all three!), IR projector, and display assembly.

So what makes up the Project Tango? Inside the device is a Qualcomm Snapdragon 800 quad-core processor, 2GB of RAM, 64 GB of storage space, 5 inch display, and a 3000 mAh battery. The device also comes with several sensors which include an accelerometer, gyroscope, and compass.

What makes this device unique is that it has depth-sensors to help in mapping a 3D image. These include a 4MP rear camera that has fisheye lens and a 180 degree field of view. The front facing camera is impressive as well having a 120 degree field of view.

To help in depth-perception the device has a built-in infrared projector that has the ability to make 250,000 measurements per second and is used in creating a 3D model of the immediate environment.

The iFixit team only needed three types of tools to open up the device. These are a Phillips #000 screwdriver, plastic opening tools, and tweezers. Removing the back cover didn’t need any tools at all and once opened the battery can be accessed. Popping out the battery will reveal the motherboard as well as give access to the SIM and microSD slots. The only part that provided a challenge was that some parts are soldered into the board. The team said that “A few components remain soldered onto the motherboard, increasing replacement difficulty. These include the vibrator motor and USB ports.”

The Project Tango that received the iFixit teardown is still an early model and may differ from the actual production model.

via ifixit

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