Possible Japanese version of the LG G3 leaks out


The LG G3 isn’t breaking cover until June this year, but possible variants of the handset are already making their way to the rumor mill. This new smartphone that you see above is reportedly launching on Japanese carrier au by KDDI. The smartphone is known as the LG isai, which is most likely a code name or a region specific name tag for the handset.

Now there’s no confirmation that this is indeed the LG G3 that we’ve all been eagerly waiting for, but looking at the UI and the subtle hardware changes, especially the back placed buttons, we’re bound to believe this is something interesting. The device also has very narrow bezels, much like the LG G2, which is again very good news.

Of course as this is coming from a leak on Twitter, there’s still no confirmation of its legitimacy. But the source has a decent track record with leaks like these, so we can expect an announcement soon. By the looks of it, this appears to be a Japan only affair for the time being, although a global announcement might not be far away.

Source: @evleaks – Twitter