Over 250,000 units of the Samsung Gear Fit reportedly sold out within 10 days

Samsung Gear Fit

According to a report from Korea’s MK News, the Samsung Gear Fit smartwatch is seeing exceptional sales¬†since its launch on April 11. The Korean manufacturer reportedly shipped out 200,000-250,000 units of the smartwatch initially, which have all been sold out apparently. The report states that South Korea alone saw sales of 25,000 units, indicating the heavy demand for the company’s newest wearable.

The surge in sales is reportedly causing Samsung Display and Samsung SDI which supplies the curved battery for the smartwatch to work in double time in order to meet demand. It will be interesting to see how the Gear Fit copes up in terms of sales once the Android Wear devices such as the Moto 360 and the LG G Watch hits the markets.

The Gear Fit is a very capable smartwatch which can do a lot more than just display notifications from your smartphone. It comes with an array of sensors, meaning it will keep a track of your health while notifying you of your messages and calls. It was recently revealed that the Gear Fit would be compatible with non-Samsung devices as well, which is very good news for people who don’t own a Samsung Android device.

Source: MK News

Via: Sam Mobile