Oppo Smart Lens Lets Your Smartphone Take Better Pictures

Not impressed by the way your smartphone takes photos? You could either use a dedicated DSLR to take high quality shots or you could invest in an external lens that can work with your smartphone. The first such lens was released by Sony called the QX Smart Lens which is actually a lens-style camera that uses the smartphone as a viewfinder. Now it’s Oppo’s turn to release its own lens camera called the Oppo Smart Lens.

Rumors that Oppo was creating an attachable smartphone lens camera started in September of last year however after its initial leak of an unfinished lens nothing has been heard of it ever since. What was known then is that the company would be releasing two models both of which having 16MP Sony CMOS sensors, optical image stabilization, SD card slot, NFC and WiFi connectivity. The difference between both models is that one will offer a 10x optical zoom while the other will offer a 15x optical zoom.

Just recently photos of the Oppo Smart Lens have emerged and it appears to be a finished product already. It looks quite similar to Sony’s QX Smart Lens which was launched at last year’s IFA event. The Oppo brand, NFC logo, as well as the Smart Lens tag can be clearly seen on the leaked photos.

oppo lens camera 2

A power button can be spotted which means that this device will have its own power source. There’s a great possibility that a power adapter will be included in the package and that this device can work independently from a smartphone.

A clip is provided to attach this device to a smartphone which allows photos to be taken in a point and click fashion with the smartphone display serving as a viewfinder.

It can also be used while not physically attached to a smartphone. This comes in handy for reporters who want to take a photo of a subject in a crowd. The lens will simply be raised by one hand pointing at the subject while the smartphone can be held in one hand with its display showing the subject.

This device connects to a smartphone using NFC. For users who own mobile devices without NFC then Wi-Fi can be used by activating the Wi-Fi Direct feature. This allows smartphone without NFC such as the iPhone 5S to use this lens.

Oppo has not made any official announcement regarding this device yet and judging from the past product releases of the company it looks like the official announcement will be made during its launch.

As of now, no information about its launch date or expected price has been released.

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