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OnePlus posts statement on reports of Oppo being its parent company

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Early yesterday, we told you how the popular OnePlus brand could be owned by Oppo, thanks to WHOIS details which were leaked out. And to clear the air on this whole episode, OnePlus has now issued a detailed statement explaining the relation between the two companies.

OnePlus is a separately run company that does share common investors with OPPO. One of those investors is OPPO Electronic. OPPO Electronic is an investment company and is not the same as OPPO Mobile. OnePlus is also in talks with other investors.”

This means that Oppo is not directly involved with OnePlus, but it still leaves some questions unanswered. Firstly, how does it make a difference if Oppo Mobile is not the same as Oppo Electronic when the two are clearly related? The issue here is OnePlus’ involvement with Oppo, which is still not explained even though it’s not Oppo Mobile which is directly funding the company. The fact that the CEO of OnePlus, Pete Lau was previously involved with Oppo gives rise to more suspicion as well.

Either way, it won’t make a difference for the customers if the two companies are related as long as OnePlus is delivering on its promise.

Source: GizChina

Via: Talk Android

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