OnePlus Apologizes For “Countdown Madness” Issues

Last April 16 OnePlus ran a contest in its official forum called “Countdown Madness”. The rules are simple, every person who made the 50th post and every 50th post after will be getting a travel mug with up to 100 mugs to be given away. The exciting part is that the person who makes the 5,001st, the 10,000th and 50,000th post will be getting a OnePlus One.

As simple as it may sound complications occurred which had several people complaining about the promo. One person who made the 5001st post on April 16 thought that he had already won and even told his family and friends about it. Two days later though the assigned numbers of the posts were changed which basically made the post #5072.

OnePlus has now issued an apology as to what happened and explained that their forum was not designed to handle the sheer number of posts being made at once. This was the source of the issue which the company has since corrected.

“Our forum was not designed for so many posts to be posted at once. Although the database stored the correct values, some posts numbers showed up as duplicates. When these duplicates were later fixed, they changed the order of all subsequent posts.”

“People who originally thought they won a OnePlus One ended up with nothing, and understandably got upset. We came up with solutions on how to make things fair, but instead of dealing with the issue immediately, we said we would do it after launch. For such a highly anticipated product, this was a bad call. It left users, our users, with extreme anxiousness over whether or not they’d receive the OnePlus One.”

To set things right the company will be giving the original winners as well as the new winners a OnePlus One smartphone. Aside from this, each of the 5 people who made post 50,000 will be getting the device as well. In total, 10 units will be given away. The 10 winners will also be receiving 2 invites each for the launching of the product.

For the winners of the other items the company announced that “For the other posts that got displaced (mugs, t-shirts, & pens), we do not have the possibility to go back and check each and every one of the 700 items. Sorry for this. Instead, we will add another 100 OnePlus Original Ballpoint Pens and 100 Never Settle T-shirts, and give them out randomly to people who have posted in our Countdown Madness.”

The OnePlus One will be officially launched this coming April 23 and is going to be initially available in 16 countries. The smartphone is expected to cost less than $400 and the company will be employing an Invitation system in its purchase. This means that consumers who want to buy the device must have an invite first to be 100% sure of getting it.

via oneplus forum

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