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Google’s Nexus 5 gets HTC Sense 6 port

Nexus 5 gets HTC Sense 6 port

If you’ve bought a Nexus 5, you’ve either done it because of its pure stock Android experience it  or the amazing value it offers for its price, or both. But if you’re somehow bored of seeing stock Android every time you unlock your phone and are willing to do a little bit of hackery, then a port of the Sense 6 ROM from the HTC One M8 might be something that could do the trick for you.

Well, to be fair, the port is more of a proof of a concept at this point, with many important things not working, but it’s still a good indication what developers over in the XDA community can do when they set their minds to it. The port is in its alpha stage and therefore unsuitable as a daily driver, though things like Wi-Fi, internal SD card, SIM card detection, Bluetooth and many of the sensors are working pretty nicely. There’s no audio yet so you won’t be able to make calls, but if you’re looking to try out the HTC Sense experience on your Nexus 5, well, this is one ROM you should surely try.

Head to the source link for more details on the Sense 5 port for the Nexus 5, and don’t forget to leave your feedback for the developers if you try it out.

Source: XDA

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