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New trademark filing reveals possible LG G Watch follow up

LG G Watch

With the LG G Watch all set to storm the markets in the coming months, we’re already coming across a possible follow up for the smartwatch. The Korean manufacturer has filed a trademark for the W Watch, indicating that another smartwatch is in the making.

Now there’s no telling as to what the alphabet ‘W’ actually means here, but we’re guessing it’s just a random name LG has picked up for the device. It’s quite interesting that LG already has a smartwatch up its sleeve while its first full fledged smartwatch is yet to hit the shelves.

It is possible that LG is possibly going to launch this as an alternative to the G Watch, possibly with a lower price tag. The G Watch will be available starting June-July depending on the markets, which is when the LG G3 is expected to break cover as well, so it’s certainly going to be a very busy couple of months for LG. We hope to come across more details regarding the G Watch in the coming days.

LG W Watch

Source: USPTO

Via: Phandroid

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