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MediaFire now offering 1TB of cloud storage for $5 per month

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The folks at MediaFire are now offering users 1TB of cloud storage for just $5 per month. This is much cheaper compared to rivals like Dropbox or Google Drive, with the latter offering the same amount of storage for $10 per month. One area where MediaFire falls behind though is with regards to dedicated applications and support on other devices. However, the team is reportedly launching revamped iOS and Android apps in the coming days, so as to make things easier for users.

If you’re looking for a long term storage solution, MediaFire fits the bill perfectly. However if you’re looking to access content from the cloud on a regular basis, Dropbox or Google Drive might be a better alternative, although it won’t be long until MediaFire gets there. Thanks to cloud storage services like these, users can save large files on the cloud without worrying about losing them. We’ve seen mobile manufacturers bundling smartphones with plenty of free cloud storage, so even they realize its potential.

Source: MediaFire

Via: Android Central

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