Intel Releases Android 4.4.2 KitKat For Its 64-bit Processors

The Android platform usually runs on ARM-based chips however this isn’t stopping Intel from developing a solution to let this operating system run on its processors. The company even has its “Android on Intel Platforms” project that develops Android images and tools for the Intel processors. Right now the company has released a new build of Android 4.4.2 KitKat which is optimized to run on an Intel NUC mini-computer or a Dell XPS 12 ultrabook.

Android on Intel

Intel says that this latest build which is labeled Android-4.4.2_r1-ia0 also be able to run on any device that uses the company’s latest 64-bit processor. Unlike the previous Android releases of the company which was available as a generic UEFI image this latest build is released specifically for the XPS12 and Intel NUC.

The company says that optimizations were made in the code allowing for better support of HTML5, JavaScript, WebKit, V8, and Dalvik just to name a few. The kernel has also been tweaked to offer power efficiency, better memory handling, as well as overall performance improvements.

Despite the improvements done by Intel there are still some known issues that exist such as

  • Suspend/resume is having problems.  In order to avoid this issue, you may need to change the Sleep time from Display menu in Settings to 30 minutes.
  • Take picture sometimes fails (seen as a green buffer instead of the actual picture).
  • Bluetooth not working  – due to licensing issues (we could not open source the bluetooth HAL, yet)

What makes this build special is that it is already 64-bit ready. Google itself has not even released an official 64-bit version of the Android operating system as of now.

If you own an Intel NUC or a Dell XPS 12 ultrabook then you might want to download this latest build and install it in your device now.


  • 1GB or larger USB thumb drive
  • Intel NUC or a Dell XPS 12 ultrabook
  • A laptop or PC running Linux, Windows, or Mac OS with working internet connection


Backup all your operating system and all data on your device

Download the device specific installer from here

Prepare the USB thumb drive

  • Write the downloaded image to your thumb drive

Prepare the device for installation

  • Set device to boot from USB
  • Enable “UEFI Boot Support” in BIOS

Install the system

via xda-developers

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  1. Will be interesting to see Qualcomm’s 64 bit architecture. It is being rumored that Nexus 6 might be released with 64 bit architecture.

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