Humble Bundle PC And Android 9 Updated With Three Additional Games

One of the best places to get games on your Android device is Humble Bundle. If you don’t already know, this is a collection of games sold online where the price is determined by you. This means that instead of paying the regular price for a game you can pay more or even less.

Last week Humble Bundle Pc and Android 9 was launched offering 5 titles which can be played on the Android and PC platform. Today, three more games have been added in the mix for a total of 9 games. If bought individually these titles will cost you upwards of $95 dollars however you can pay whatever you want for these games. If you pay more than the average price of $3.66 you will have access to the 5 locked titles.

There are 4 titles available for customers who wish to pay any amount. These are as follows

  • Broken Sword 2: The Smoking Mirror
  • Bridge Constructor
  • Type Rider
  • Ravensword: Shadowlands

Originally you will have access to two locked titles if you pay above $3.66

  • Kingdom Rush
  • Knights of Pen & Paper

Now that there is an updated title list, you will have access to three more locked titles

  • The Shivah
  • Savant- Ascent
  • Syder Arcade

Not only will you get all games if you pay above the average price but you will also get the soundtrack of most of these titles.

One interesting thing to consider is that when you make your payment you will be able to decide how the amount is going to be divided. You can choose to split the amount between the developers, charity, or to Humble Bundle.

If you are an avid Android gamer then I suggest you check out this nice set of games right now. These titles are sure to give gamers everywhere countless hours of fun.

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