HTC One M8 gets S-OFF, can be converted to Google Play edition


The HTC One M8 hasn’t been on the market for long, but soon after getting root access on the device, the developer community has now managed to get S-OFF on HTC’s 2014 flagship. XDA developer team Firewater is behind the important feat, which has in turn made it possible for folks to convert a standard One M8 to a Google Play edition. 

If you’re unaware of what S-OFF means, it’s basically a low-level setting that disables the hardware write protection every HTC phone comes with, allowing users to make changes to the internal flash storage that are otherwise impossible. The method to gain S-OFF is quite simple – your phone will need to be rooted, have its lockscreen security disabled, then connected to a PC in debugging mode, after which it’s a straightforward few steps that will do the necessary work in an automated fashion.

Once you’ve gotten S-OFF, you’ll be able to remove HTC’s Sense ROM and replace it with the stock Android version found on the Google Play edition, though it’s only possible for the GSM version of the handset for now (so yes, don’t try it on the Verizon or Sprint model). You’ll be missing out on a few of the cool features HTC packs into its software, but you’ll also be gaining the ability to get much faster updates and use Android as Google envisioned it.

Find the necessary info and instructions for S-OFF and Google Play conversion on the HTC One M8 at the source links below.

Via: Android Central | Source: HTC One M8 S-Off, Google Play edition conversion

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