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HTC executive clarifies what’s underneath the “empty space” on the HTC M8

HTC One M8

The HTC One M8 has been a very popular smartphone so far, judging by the vast media coverage and the contrasting reviews of the handset that we’ve seen so far. However, there has been one common criticism of the handset which has been voiced by all. People have long wondered as to what’s hiding beneath that empty space on the front of the smartphone surrounding the HTC logo right under the display. HTC executive Jeff Gordon has now clarified that this contains several antennae and sensors required for the smartphone, so it’s not empty space by any means.

In the 2013 HTC One, this space also had the capacitive navigation buttons. But since the HTC One M8 uses onscreen navigation buttons, one would feel that all that space is merely consumed by the HTC logo. It’s good to see some clarification coming directly from HTC regarding the issue, but it still doesn’t explain why that place couldn’t have been consumed by the rest of the chassis rather than leaving a big empty bar on the front.

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