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Here’s what happens when you try to destroy the Samsung Galaxy S5 with a hammer

Samsung Galaxy S5

We’re sure you’ve seen plenty of durability tests of most upcoming flagships, including the Samsung Galaxy S5. One user decided to take it too far as he tried to destroy the smartphone using a hammer. And after he was done with the front, he went on to inflict damage to the back of the handset prying open the battery cover in the process. What happened next is for the entire world to see and a reminder of why destroying things without proper know how could be disastrous. You can catch what happened in the video below.

It’s good that we get an idea of the smartphone’s durability via drop tests as such incidents are likely to take place in real life. However, the eventuality of smashing your own smartphone with a hammer seems very minimal, making videos like these pretty pointless. This is simply wasting good hardware that is being offered for the consumers to enjoy. What’s your take on such videos? Sound off in the comments section below.

Source: YouTube

Via: Android Community

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