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Google patents dual lens design for Glass

Dual lens Google Glass

Google Glass currently functions only on either side of the lens and not on both sides. But it seems like that could change soon with Google patenting a Glass concept with the micro projector on both sides. Since this is only a patent filing, we don’t have much information on specifics and how Google intends to produce this particular product, but it’s good to know that there is intent to further improve what is already considered a very stellar product.

With both eyes being covered, Glass could finally provide a HUD (head-up display) like experience for the users, which is missing from the device right now. The patent filing also reveals scope for the device to adjust the color scheme and transparency based on the background, which is a neat touch as well.

Bear in mind, this could easily be one of the projects Google is trying out in its labs and might not necessarily make its way to the markets, so don’t lift your hopes just yet.

Source: USPTO

Via: Talk Android

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