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Google Now could soon remind users where they parked their cars

Google Now

Google Now is already pretty smart and provides users with the best information at the right times. A new rumor now suggests that this could go to a whole new level with a parking reminder feature being built into the system. This will essentially remember the parking location of your car and then remind you courtesy of a dedicated card on Google Now.

Now it’s unusual for users to forget where they parked their cars, but this feature could come to the rescue if you’re traveling to a new city and like to be reminded where your car is. And as with anything Google, we’re sure there will be an option to turn this feature off.

So when exactly can we see this feature on Android devices? Well there’s no time frame available yet since this is only a rumor, but we’re hoping to have more information in the coming days. Perhaps Google will discuss this new feature along with plenty of others at the Google I/O event in June.

What’s your take on this alleged new feature from Google?

Via: Android Police

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