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Google Glass Sold Out, Explorer Program Registration Is Closed

Google Glass Product Page

Google must have sold a lot of Glass models for this to happen. Just a day after the Google Glass Explorer Program was opened up to the public, Google has shut it down for almost everyone.

Before yesterday’s day when you could buy Glass without having to wait for an invite, that’s what you had to do. You had to apply for Glass and hope you got lucky or had a friend that already owned it. Now Google will only take your invitations, but will not give you any information on when you might get accepted into the program.

That’s all, folks.

We’re out of spots in the Explorer Program for now, but may have more to share soon.

However, if you have already been accepted into the program and have an invite in your Inbox, you can accept that and Google will ship you Glass (after you pay $1500, of course). So if you can afford the $1500 for Google Glass, you can still get your hands on your own model.

Of course, there are rumors of Google creating a final version of Glass later this year for much cheaper than $1500. Google will hopefully announce something at Google I/O, which is from June 25-June 26th. Did you buy Google Glass while you could?

Source: Google Glass via Android Central

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