Google Glass to get KitKat update this week, will lose video calls support

Google Glass to get KitKat update this week, will lose video calls support

Being available for anyone to purchase for 24 hours is not the only big thing happening in the world of Google Glass this week. The search giant has announced that Glass will finally be getting an update to Android 4.4 KitKat sometime later this week, which will add a slew of new features while letting go of an important existing feature. 

Thanks to the jump in OS version, Glass will now have longer battery life and faster performance, and developers will be able to write Glassware (apps) using the latest SDK and APIs. As for new features, the most notable is Photo Bundles – the wearable headset will now group your photos, videos and vignettes in bundles, making it easier and quicker to scroll through them. Other features include sorting of voice commands by frequency and recency for quicker access, option to reply with pictures in Hangouts conversations, and sending feedback right from the device by heading into the settings menu.

Unfortunately, with a big update comes a rather big feature removal, at least in this case. After the KitKat update, Glass will no longer have video call support, as the company didn’t think the feature was good enough yet and was being used by less than 10 percent of Explorers (Glass testers). The feature will return once Google can get it running properly, but for now, you’d want to stay away from the update if video calling is an important part of Glass for you.

Google didn’t say when the update will begin rolling out, but it should be out pretty soon considering quite a lot of new buyers will be looking forward to their first update after buying Glass in the one-day sale.

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