Google could be ditching the Nexus program for a new ‘Silver’ line of devices


We have heard on several occasions about how Google could be ditching the Nexus device program altogether and focus more on high end Google Play Edition devices. This new report says the same but also claims that the company could be launching a new Silver line to replace them.

This is not the first time we’re hearing of the Silver line being launched by Google, but The Information claims that the Nexus program might be nearing its end. It is said that the Silver phones from Google will be similar to the Nexus devices, in that it will run close to stock Android, so that’s a consolation for fans of the Nexus line.

It has been said before that these changes won’t take effect until 2015, so we might not see the death of the Nexus lineup anytime soon. One would imagine why Google would want to ditch a very lucrative product lineup like the Nexus in favor of something more expensive. But that’s a question for Google to answer if these rumors are indeed true. We’re taking this report with a pinch of salt until we hear more from Google and we suggest you do the same.

Source: The Information

Via: Droid-Life