Google Calendar updated with nearby location suggestions, ‘Join Hangout’ option

Google Calendar updated with nearby location suggestions, 'Join Hangout' option

It has been rumored recently that Google’s Calendar app for Android could soon get a major overhaul, but while we’re waiting for that to happen, Google has decided to update the app with a couple of new and useful features. The nicest addition in the new version is that the app will now suggest nearby locations when adding a new event, instead of only showing locations of your contacts from your address book.

It’s a basic feature that has been available on the web version of Google Calendar, so it’s odd that it took the company so much time to bring it to the mobile version (better late than never, however.) The other noticeable feature is the inclusion of support for video calls. You can now join a video call in meetings with video calls enabled right from the Android app using the “Join video call” option. Adding video call support to a meeting created on your phone or tablet isn’t possible yet, but it wouldn’t be surprising if that and other improvements arrive in an upcoming update.

The update has gone live on the Play Store, but since this is a Google app, it will probably be more than a week or so before it shows up for everyone. However, those that aren’t willing to wait can hit the download link below to download the APK and upgrade manually.

Via: Android Police | Download APK

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