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Galaxy S5 Developer Edition for Verizon listed on Samsung’s website

Galaxy S5 Developer Edition for Verizon listed on Samsung's website

Verizon isn’t a stranger to launching developer editions of flagship phones each year, and now the US’ largest carrier is prepping a Galaxy S5 Developer Edition to add to its lineup of phones that come with an unlocked bootloader. The developer edition is now listed on Samsung’s website – a price or release date isn’t mentioned, though in case of the former, a price tag of $649 or higher is to be expected.

As always, an unlocked bootloader will be the only thing differentiating the developer edition and the standard model (which is now available worldwide), making it easier to root, flash custom ROMs and make other modifications to the device. That means you’re free to do with it what you want, but you also need to contend with the fact that you might not be able to get software updates as easily as you would on the locked bootloader model. The developer edition is listed as only coming in Charcoal Black color, so that’s another limitation you’ll need to consider before paying the full retail price for this one.

Anyone interested in picking up the Galaxy S5 developer edition, or will you be waiting for a Google Play edition that runs stock Android?


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