FunBox Android Game Console Now Available In The International Market For $159

The FunBox Android game console which was recently launched in China is now available for the international market (unofficially) from popular online retailer aliexpress. The device costs $159 which doesn’t include the shipping fee which varies for different countries.

The FunBox is one of the most powerful Android gaming consoles to hit the market lately. It uses an NVIDIA Tegra 4 processor combined with 2GB of RAM to provide a smooth Android gaming experience. This is the same processor being used by the NVIDIA Shield. The difference between both devices is that the Shield has its own display making it cost more while the FunBox needs to be connected to a monitor.

Technical Specifications

  • CPU: NVIDIA Tegra 4 Cortex-A15 1.8Ghz
  • GPU: NVIDIA 72, Open GL ES 3.0
  • OS: Android 4.3
  • RAM: 2GB DDR3
  • Internal Storage: 8GB
  • Connectivity: Wi-Fi 2.5Ghz/5.8Ghz Dual Band, Bluetooth, Ethernet
  • Ports: USB, Micro-USB

The device comes with Dolby DigitalPlus audio technology, support for 4K video, and uses has a dual Wi-Fi band.

What’s probably its most interesting feature is its use of the NVIDIA Tegra 4 processor. This chip uses the ARM Cortex-A15 CPU and has 4+1 cores with a clock speed of 1.9 GHz. Its GPU has 72 cores making it best for use in gaming situations.

In terms of performance the FunBox can handle any graphics intensive games out in the market today. And if you are already tired of playing games then you can use this device to watch 4K quality videos.

The package itself consists of the device itself, a wireless controller, power adapter, remote control, and a couple of cables.

While there may be other Android gaming consoles sold in the market that cost cheaper, such as the Ouya which sells for only $99, the FunBox is sold at a higher price due to its more powerful hardware. Those interested in Android gaming should find this device interesting.

The FunBox is created by popular smartphone maker ZTE in cooperation with game developer The9. This gaming console was launched in China after the 14 year ban on sales of home consoles was suspended. Although it has been announced that this device will only be sold in China it has made its way to aliexpress which ships out to international markets.  Adam Zeng, Chairman of ZTE9, said during the launch of this device that “The FunBox has opened up new possibilities in the home entertainment space. The FunBox will be supported by a comprehensive ecosystem that encompasses hardware, content and channels, as we are committed to bringing a high-quality home entertainment experience to consumers.”

via aliexpress

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