The Frankenspiel FS-X Is Probably The Best Bluetooth Speaker For Your Android Smartphone

Is the loudspeaker of your smartphone not loud enough to do justice to your music collection? Aside from connecting a wired speaker system to your device which can sometimes be messy and isn’t ideal for those looking for a mobile solution the best option is to use a Bluetooth speaker. One such speaker that stands out in the crowd is the Frankenspiel FS-X which can easily provide 100dB of power and 50 hours of continuous use on a single charge.

The Frankenspiel FS-X is a Bluetooth speaker which you can easily connect with your Android device. Unlike other similar speakers in the market today the FS-X can be used even at maximum volume without having any distortion at all. This means that you can set the volume to 100% and still get rich, accurate, clean, and detailed sound. It even comes in Party Mode that plays music in 360 degree wraparound sound letting all people in the room hear what’s playing.

What’s probably interesting about this speaker is that it comes with a stereo chip embedded. If you get two of this then   they can function as a left and right speaker creating a true stereo sound.



Audiophiles who love listening to their favorite music on their smartphone will definitely love to use the FS-X. Aside from being light and compact it also provides a powerful and clear audio experience.

The Frankenspiel FS-X is currently running a funding campaign over at Kickstarter. A total of £47,087 has already been raised on a goal of £36,000 with 6 days left to go. This means that the project will definitely be funded.

If you wish to support this campaign then there is still time to do so. A pledge of £45 gets you an early bird FS-X Bluetooth speaker which is expected to ship out this July.

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