Fixing the “Unfortunately Gallery has Stopped Error” in Galaxy S4

Unfortunately Gallery has Stopped error in Galaxy S4

“Whenever I start tinkering my Gallery, I usually encounter the ‘Unfortunately Gallery has Stopped’ error message in my Samsung Galaxy S4. Is there a way to fix this?” This is the message that was recently sent to us through The Droid Guy Mailbag.

Source of the “Unfortunately Gallery has Stopped” Problem in Galaxy S4

According to various forums online the issue is usually caused by corrupted temporary files in your Galaxy S4 Gallery cache. It can also be triggered by a faulty external SD card if you have saved all the photos that you are trying to access there. The worst possible scenario is that your system files have been corrupted.

Solution to the “Unfortunately Gallery has Stopped” Error Message in Galaxy S4

Fortunately, fixing the problem is nothing major. If a simple restart fails to do the trick, just follow the steps below to arrive at a solution for it:

1. Clear the Gallery Cache and Data

After the continuous use of your phone and its apps, its cache gets cluttered and bugged. If this is the case, simply clear the cache of your Gallery app. When clearing the cache alone fails to work, clear its data as well. Be reminded though that you will lose the personalized configuration of your app and your thumbnails when doing the latter. So, only do it when necessary.

2. Remove Your SD Card

If the picture you are trying to open, transfer, copy or delete is located in your external SD card, it is possible that your hardware or its contents have been corrupted. To test this theory, remove your SD card and check if the problem persists. If it no longer occurs, that will confirm our suspicion.

Try to save your photos to a computer or another device. Then, put back your SD card to its slot and reformat it with your phone.

3. Do a Factory Reset

When all else fails, you may be facing corrupted system files already. As a last resort, backup all the data stored in your device and do a Factory Reset. The procedure will let you restore your factory settings as well as remove the bugs hindering you from using the normal operations of your Galaxy S4.

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