Fixing the Samsung Galaxy S3 Gray Battery Icon Problem

Galaxy S3 Gray Battery Icon Problem

A message was sent to us by Lea through The Droid Guy Mailbag that reads, “I have a Samsung Galaxy S3 GT 19300. It froze up showing  a gray battery icon and never started up again. I removed the battery, read the trouble shooting tips provided here and applied them to no avail. Out of desperation, I held volume, power and home keys and tried the lesser of the dire options and eventually resorted to data/ factory wipe. Now what do I do? I cannot recall ever doing the Kit Kat update and think I may have another gremlin that crept in on an app? I am still sitting with the Samsung Galaxy S3 logo on my phone. What should I do to access my phone and start all over again?”

Remedy to the Galaxy S3 Gray Battery Icon Problem

This Galaxy S3 gray battery icon problem seems to stem out of a hardware issue, because if it is a software issue, the Factory Reset should have fixed it. The trouble may be a result of a battery problem or issue in some of the internal components of the device. It should be noted that the frozen Galaxy S3 logo may be an indication that your phone is not getting enough power to boot up properly.

So, here are some solutions you can apply to fix your Galaxy S3 gray battery icon problem:

1. Test Another Battery

If you have access to another Galaxy S3 or any compatible device, remove the battery of your Galaxy S3 and use the battery of a similar device. You can also insert the battery of your Galaxy S3 device to the other unit. This is to test if it is only a battery issue or a problem with the phone itself.

2. Test Another Charger

Test the charger of your phone if you see that your battery is working well on another unit, or check if the charger of another device is working with your Galaxy S3.

3. Replace the USB Port or Flex Cable

If you do not see any problem with the charger or battery of your Galaxy S3, maybe the problem is with your unit’s USB port, flex cable or any of its components. Have them replaced if needed.

galaxy s3 flex cable ribbon
This is how the USB port with flex cable should look like.

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  1. hi when i charge my samsung phone a icon of a battery and a yellow triangle come up and the phone will not charge pleas can you help?

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