Facebook will soon notify users when a friend is within proximity

Facebook Nearby Friends

Facebook has now announced a new feature to its app which will notify people when their friends are nearby. This setting will be enabled with user consent of course, so people don’t have to worry about potential stalkers. This will allow users to communicate with their friends in real life having realized that they’re close by. The location will only be available for a predetermined period of time and can be seen on a map as well to get precise information on where your friends are located.

This feature called Nearby Friends will make its way to the Android and iOS versions of the Facebook app in the coming days. We’re yet to get reactions from security experts regarding this, but we don’t think they’ll be too pleased. The sole purpose of this new addition to the largest social network is to get people more involved in real life rather than living in an online bubble.

This feature will require both users to have the feature turned on in the settings, which in turn means that Facebook will be tracking your location at all times. Of course, Foursquare has been doing this for quite a long time now, so it’s not really new. So who’s excited to try out this new feature?

Source: Facebook

Via: Phone Scoop

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