Facebook will soon force users to send and receive all IMs through the Messenger app

Facebook Messenger

According to a new report from The Verge, Facebook could soon make it mandatory for users on smartphones to use the standalone Messenger app for their IM needs. This will mean users will no longer be able to access the messaging client from within the Facebook app. It is said that even though the messages will be accessible from the Facebook app, users will be redirected to the Messenger app to continue a conversation or start a new one.

However, Facebook might go easy on low end Android devices by allowing them to use Facebook messages without requiring the Messenger app. The cut off is said to be devices with RAM capacity of 512MB or lower, so only low end devices will be pardoned.

It seems like the folks at Facebook eagerly want to increase adoption of its Messenger app as it looks to compete with several other IM clients in the world. The acquisition of WhatsApp Messenger recently was an indicator of how seriously Facebook takes instant messaging clients.

Via: The Verge

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