Facebook Messenger update adds ability to create and pin groups to homescreen

Facebook Messenger update adds dedicated groups tab, option to pin chats to homescreen

Facebook Messenger is one of the better examples of good app design for the social network giant, and with an update to version 4.0, its making Messenger a bit more flexible and convenient to use. One of the biggest features in version 4.0 is the ability to add a bunch of your friends to various groups, then pin these groups to a dedicated Groups tab, which takes its place next to the 1:1 chats section.

The feature was introduced in the iOS version last week, but thanks to Android’s more open and customizable nature, Facebook has taken it a step forward and added the option to pin these groups to the homescreen. You can also add a shortcut to a conversation to the homescreen, by going into a chat, pressing the three-dot menu button, and selecting “Create shortcut.” Basically, you get even faster access to conversations than was possible with Chat Heads, and now have an option to resume chats without having to open the app itself.

Head on over to the Play Store to download the latest version of Facebook Messenger.

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